Top Family Friendly Sites in Dubai

Dubai With Kids

Traveling Dubai with Family – Places you Must Visit

Dubai is expanding by leaps and bounds in terms of travel and tourism. With expanding business and employment opportunities, thousands of people are visiting the city to experience its matchless beauty, brilliant infrastructure, diverse and multi-cultural community, and endless activities of fun and entertainment.

Life in Dubai is filled with glamour and attractions with the addition of innovative sight-seeing, and zero percent crime rate. For the same reasons, Dubai is considered one of the most family-friendly tourist destinations for people across the globe.

Dubai With Kids

Dubai has brilliantly utilized its natural beauty of desert and beach and perfectly incorporated the latest technology for creative wonderful tourist attractions. One can see engineering marvels in the shape of Burj Al-Arab and Burj Al-Khaleefa, besides the magnanimous Dubai Mall and The Palm. If you are planning to visit Dubai with your family in the near future, the following is a quick list of must-visit places.

1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo feature one of the largest tanks worldwide with a variety of things to do for kids and families. The close look of a huge shark and a tank full of rays is awe-inspiring to experience for all.

Dubai Aquarium

The underwater zoo is made distinct with a magnanimous collection of aquatic species. It is a heaven for the kids to explore a huge variety that is not found in an ordinary zoo. The 48-meter long walk-through tunnel gives them the opportunity to observe all of the animals so closely that is impossible in real life.

2. Dubai Miracle Garden

Finding a garden in the desert is more than a surprise. Dubai, being a hot weather, is less prone to cultivate a garden the way people do in other countries and regions. It is given the name Dubai Miracle Garden because it is no less than a miracle.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The garden has an amazing collection of flowers that count to more than 45 million in number. You will find every flower different in color, design, pattern, and fragrance. Having such a huge collection of nature is magnanimous for a family that loves to be in natural surroundings. The miraculous addition of flowers to the garden makes it one of the worth visiting places all across the skyscraping buildings of Dubai.

3. Dolphin Bay

Family tours are often driven by activities that are liked the most by children. And, Dolphin Bay is one of those attractions to make the most out of your holidays. It is located at Atlantis – The Palm with an adventurous facility to play and swim with the Dolphins that are regarded friendliest in nature.


There are different packages to avail according to the age group and likeness of your companions. Kids who are a little bit hesitant can go for the Dolphin Encounter, whereas grown up kids and adults can enjoy swimming, and playing with Dolphins in the water. You can have all the fun with safety and security.

4. Global Village

When the internet came to my town, everyone uses to reconnect with their loved ones across the seas. Thus, it was regarded as a global village as anyone can easily interact with a person living miles away from him. But, Dubai has transformed that term ‘Global Village’ into reality for the sake of travel and tourism.

Dubai Global Village

The Global Village Dubai houses more than 40 pavilions that serve as ambassadors of each country along with their culture, tradition, and amazing products. It has brought the exquisite food and culture of the world closer to a single platform.

Tourists and their families can visit each pavilion to find the specialty of each country to enjoy the true taste. For example, one can try original food taste, quality, and quantity from Italy, Egypt, and Oman that are made by the natives.  In the same way, one can refer to Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh for its traditional textile products. It is not limited to food alone. The Global Village is full of entertainment that is equally attractive for the youth, adults, and elders.

5. The Dubai Fountain

Dubai has always been into adding something really incredible to the city. The people here are coming from a far-flung area that’s why the administration wants them to have something they have not experience or imagined before.

The Dubai fountain has a mesmerizing and jaw-dropping appeal. It is located at Burj Khalifa Lake, a man-made lake, which is itself a magical attraction to the desert. The Dubai Fountain is distinct than other fountains with the way it dances to the music tunes.

The fountain taps are programmed in a way to dance with the frequency of music besides colorful lights. Combine, it creates an overwhelming experience of listening to music and watching how the water dances in the fountain.

6. Dubai Ice Rink

The Dubai Mall is the mega collection of fun-filled activities that are purposely created for families and kids. The Dubai Ice Rink is one of those awe-inspiring places to visit. It is an Olympic-sized ice rink to let you enjoy the freedom of playing winter games in any season.

Dubai Ice Rink

By jimmyweee. Wikimedia Commons

The ice rink is not established to hold professional competitions. It is rather an adventurous activity open for everyone to try and learn. Kids as young as six years and elders up to the age of sixty are free to practice skating and learn in a friendly environment. Professionals are there to help and support the learners. Private coaching facility is also available for kids.

7. Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

Валерий Дед via Wikimedia Commons

Playing in water for long hours is not only a child’s wish as every family member has an unconditional love for it. Wild Wadi Waterpark has more than 30 rides that make it a complete entertainment package for a day. Kids are only satisfied when they ride every single ride of a park multiple times, and Wild Wadi Waterpark has to offer all that they need the most.


Dubai is a city of lights, business, and entertainment. The city owns a never-ending list of tourist attractions. But, when it comes to a family, the sight-seeing places are numbered. The parents used to find places that offer entertainment for their kids besides its mesmerizing surroundings. The above-discussed places in this post are recommended the most, whereas you can seek assistance from the locals to reach out to places according to your likeness and priority.

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