10 Breathtaking Hikes Near Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hikes

The 10 Best Scenic Hikes to take on your in Las Vegas vacation

Las Vegas Hikes

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Las Vegas gets approximately 42 million visitors every year; most people imagine that the visitors are there to see the Las Vegas strip or try their luck in any of the many casinos littered around the gambling state. But Las Vegas is also one of the most popular destinations for hiking, and contains some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. From the peaks of Mt. Charleston to the fiery red sandstone of the Valley of Fire and Red Rock you can even take a daytrip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon if you’re looking to check that off your bucket list. There’s no shortage of natural beauty in and around Las Vegas here’s a look at the 10 best hikes in Las Vegas.

Calico Tanks Trail

The Calico Tanks trail is one of the most popular trails in Red Rock Canyon for good reason. Las Vegas has some of the most beautiful natural sandstone structures you will find, and the Calico Tanks trail is an excellent introduction – at the end of the hike, you’ll see an overview of the Las Vegas strip that was worth the walk. You can expect the Calico Tanks trail to be at its busiest in the early morning hours, peaking between 9am and 10am. Oh, and the Calico Tanks trail is dog-friendly as long as you bring a leash.

Calico Basin Trail

Calico Basin Trail Las Vegas

The Calico Basin trail is another popular hiking destination located in Red Rock Canyon. It’s a great introductory walk for those who aren’t yet used to long distances, or for people who just want a brisk hike instead of a long one; it’s estimated to be 3-4 miles in length, though some opt for one of the shorter routes. This takes you through another part of Red Rock Canyon that has its own unique wildlife and rock formations – and we’d recommend both the Calico Tanks trail and Calico Basin trail together for serious hikers who would like to experience the full scope.

Winding Trails Park

Winding Trails Park is a much shorter option for families and older people who aren’t yet used to long walks and would like a walking trail which they can take to at their pace; this can be done at a much slower, comfortable pace than you would be able to attack the trails mentioned earlier on. There are other things to do at Winding Trails to accompany your hike, including a picnic area and dog-friendly areas – as well as a playground area for the kids.

Pecos-McLeod Trailhead

The Pecos-Mcleod trailhead is part of the Flamingo Arroyo trail, and is a highly recommended route for anyone who wants to see some of the beauty of the desert surrounding Las Vegas – a little bit further away from the city. Guides note that you should keep an eye out for the “artist designed signs” that will point out your route, and you will be able to find your way through maps that are placed around the hiking trail. This was, apparently, the first hiking trail created by Clark County to promote the tourism industry, and it’s worth a visit.

McCullough Gulch Trail

The McCullough Gulch trail is a gorgeous look at the natural beauty of Las Vegas, and it will take you through gorgeous falls and picturesque mountains which only Nevada has to offer you; a lot of people will rate this trail as easy or moderate, but many people who have walked this trail warn against thinking that it’s too easy: Wear proper hiking shoes if you’re taking this one, and bring plenty of fluids and snacks to keep you going along the way.

Las Vegas Upper Wash Trail

Las Vegas Upper Wash Hiking Trail

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The Las Vegas Upper Wash trail is great as a hiking trail, though is used by many people as a biking trail instead. Located in the northern side of Las Vegas, it takes people through the drainage canal systems, following the Las Vegas Wash. The total length of the trail is 8.8 miles long, though many people opt for shorter distances, making it ideal for serious hikers – or, of course, those who want to take a bicycle along instead.

Lone Mountain Regional Park Hiking Trails

The Lone Mountain trail is part of the Lone Mountain Regional Park in Las Vegas, and it takes you through approximately 1.2 miles – but some people opt for the longer approximately 2.2 mile walk instead. It’s located in a fairly large park which has plenty of space for walking around and checking out the scenery even when you don’t feel like going on a full-on hiking trip. There are also other things to do, like a tennis court and hockey rink.

Clark Country Wetlands Park (wetlands, trails)

Wetlands Park in Clark County gives you several options for which trail you want to walk through – with an entirety of a 13 mile hike; this connects with several trails in the area, making it especially perfect if you want to meet up with another hiking group halfway, or want to turn it into a biking trail instead. This selection of trails takes you through the gorgeous wetlands – though there is much more to see than just this, and even links up with a desert trail.

Las Vegas Hiking Adventures

Las Vegas Hiking Adventures offers many options for interested hikers, joggers and bikers who want to experience the full-scale of beauty that Las Vegas has to offer you: Accompanying your trail walk will also be tour guides, who can give you more information on the history, plant and animal life of the area. The walk also takes you through areas like the Valley of Fire, which is incredible to behold. Las Vegas Hiking Adventures is happy to customize a walk to your individual fitness levels and ability.

Old Spanish Trail Park

Old Spanish Trail Las Vegas
Wikimedia Commons by brsolutions

Old Spanish Trail Park is a great collection of walking trails that you can take on even if you don’t consider yourself an advanced hiker or biker; it takes you through some of the beautiful scenery of Las Vegas – without having to bite off more than you can chew if you are a beginner. Old Spanish Trail Park offers plenty more options, including skydiving that’s a pretty close-by activity, if you are interested in doing a little more than just going for a hike.

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