Street Food of Southeasts Asia You Must Try

Street Food You Must Try on Your Southeast Asia Holiday

Food and lodging are an important part of any holiday or trip. No other place offers such diverse opportunities to tantalize your taste buds than Southeast Asia. Thus, when on a trip to Southeast Asian countries, ensure that you have a good lodging option such as a room in one of the Seremban hotels.

Southeast Asia Street Food

As for food, you are sure to come across simple fare as well as spicy dishes full of flavors and made from fresh ingredients. Southeast Asia is a complete paradise for foodies, thanks to the influence of several different countries and their cuisines. Read on to know more about the amazingly unique street food that can only be tasted on the streets of the Southeast Asian cities.

Try the chicken feet
You must taste the chicken feet, which is a favorite street food in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The chicken feet are fried and then covered with flavored sauce. They carry a distinct texture as the chicken feet are very gelatinous and mostly skin.  Enjoy the tasty delight with a cold beer.

The ears and head – sisig
Sisig is a popular street food in the Philippines and is especially famous in Luzon. The ears and head are fried and then mixed with onions. The pork ears and head are browned until fragrant. Chili and calamanzi are added before serving the translucent and soft meat.

The stinky tofu tastes good
Another most famous street food in Taiwan, the stinky tofu can be easily traced because of the smell. The stinky tofu is usually fried and served with chili or peanut sauce. Do not get put off with the smell as it is simply delicious.

Balot – the boiled duck embryo
The popular food can be enjoyed on the streets of Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam. The developing duck embryo is boiled and eaten in the shell and often served with beer. The word Balot means wrapped and how the eggs are cooked relies on local preference.

The barbecued chicken butt
You must try the chicken butt, a typical street food in Southeast Asia. The tasty meat is served on a stick and is very addictive. Enjoy it with chopped coriander and black pepper dip mixed with pepper-lime sauce.

Foodies often travel to a particular destination for one reason, and it is because of the food. In Southeast Asia, one can look forward to an ultimate food adventure. Nowhere else will you come across such a wide variety of cuisines in non-vegetation and vegetarian options. You will get lured by the affordability and accessibility of the street food here. All you need to do is book yourself a nice room at a great hotel to make the most of your trip. Why not browse Palm Seremban Hotel in Malaysia for a fun and relaxed experience. Just minutes away from the city, you will find it easy to enjoy the city’s must-see destinations as well as the fantastic street food.

Many people like to try out something new when they are on holiday and often do not mind the weird and funky looking food items. After all, this is the only time they can enjoy those authentic delicacies that are not to be found anywhere else. While some of the street foods may look or sound gross and funky, they taste good. Thus, if you are heading for the Southeast Asian countries, you must try those street delicacies that are very popular among the locals as well as tourists.

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