Switzerland’s Top Alpine Trekking Adventure – Eiger to the Matterhorn

Eiger to Mattahorn

From the Eiger to the Matterhorn – Switzerland’s Best Alpine Adventure

Grindelwald Eiger Switzerland

Switzerland’s famous peaks – Eiger and Matterhorn have the best trekking routes in all of the alpine region. The journey from the world-famous north face to the “pyramid” leads one over high-mountain passes, deep valleys, lakes, forests, and mountain villages.

The trek from Eiger to Matterhorn covers 150 km and reaches altitudes of 3,000m. The trekking routes within these mountain ranges are moderately difficult. All you need is to be fit in order to traverse these iconic routes.

The Trek – An Overview

The Eiger-Matterhorn trek begins and ends with two main trails – Eiger trail and Matterhorn trail, respectively. The length makes it ideal for people who want a long distance and multi-day experience. However, it is also not too long, which makes this route suitable for people hard pressed for time.

You have two options to go about this trek. The first option is to go solo or with a group of friends. The other option is booking your trek through travel agencies. Travel agencies offer escorted packages that provide you with everything you need during the trek- equipment, food, access to local scenic delights, and obviously, a guide. They often offer stays at luxurious resorts as well.

The entire trek takes around 10 days to complete. In these 10 days, your eyes will be treated to spectacular scenic views that have been lauded by Mark Twain, Goethe, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to name a few.

The Trek – What to Expect

You will start your trek from Grindelwald which is below the towering North Face of Eiger. Ascending the Eiger trail, you will be mesmerized by a panoramic view of the timberline directly below the North Face.

Eiger to Mattahorn

Going through the tunnel of the Eiger, you will be greeted by Europe’s highest Railway StationJungfraujoch Railway Station, overlooking the longest glacier in the Alpine region. The country villages in this region will mesmerize you.

The beautiful villages

Wengen and Murren are known for its winter activities like skiing. They also have a great view of the valley down below. Finding accommodations will not be an issue as the villages are reasonably sized and as a bonus for visiting these villages, you can treat yourself with the local delicacies.Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald are other two villages that you can visit.

Swiss Alpine Village

In the next leg of the trek, you will arrive at the scenic Lauterbrunnen Valley. The valley houses 72 waterfalls. The most notable among them is Trümmelbach Falls. It is an underground waterfall which drains the Eiger Glacier. The ten-tier starts at a staggering 459 feet. The rocks around the waterfall will appear to have unusual shapes. This is because of the erosive power of gushing water over thousands of years.

Trümmelbach falls are open only from April to November.

Staubbach Falls Switzerland

The most beautiful lake in Switzerland

The pass between Rotstockhütte and Sefinenfurgge has a wild and dramatic terrain and is a favorite of alpine hikers and mountaineers. Descending into Griesalp you will be greeted by a glacier and deep-cut ravines.

Mountain Hut at Swiss Lake

You will cross the Hothruli Pass from Griesalp with the help of 480 stairs to avoid loose slopes. You will have the captivating view of the Blüemlisalp Glacier towards your left. Descending from Griesalp, you will have a clear view of Oeschinensee- the most beautiful lake in Switzerland. You can descend further down to the Kandersteg valley on foot or hire a gondola.

The track of smugglers and traders alike

The mountain faces surrounding the Kandersteg valley is difficult to climb. Book a tram to overcome this rocky giant and you will be let off on a track that has been usedby traders and smugglers for centuries. From here you will have a view of the shallow waters of Daubenseeon your right.

Mountain Village Switzerland

Daubensee holds an annual shepherd festival on the last Sunday in July. So if you happen to have planned your trek in July, it is something you should not miss.

Ascending the graded track, you will reach the Gemmi Pass. The Gemmi Pass connects Rhone Valley with Bern. The landscape on the Gemmi Pass is rugged and bleak. Walk down the trail a little further and you will find a contrast to the bleak landscape you saw before- flowery meadows line alongside the Spittelmatte plateau.The track that leads down from Daubenwand is a mule track that was built by Tyroleans in the 19th century.

Finally a glimpse!

The Europaweg trail houses the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world- the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge. From here you will gain access to spellbinding views of Weisshorn and its glaciers. Moving further down the trail, you will enter Zermatt, where you will finally have a glimpse of Matterhorn, where the trek will end. Zermatt has little villages, chalets, and farm buildings surrounding it.

Matterhorn Switzerland

You can reach the summit of Gornergrat on both foot and rail. Gornergrat has been the top excursion destination in Switzerland. Matterhorn gets reflected in the lakes at Riffelsee. The mountain panorama and the view of Matterhorn is unforgettable. The Monte Rosa, Gorner Glacier, and other massive 29 mountains can be viewed from up here. The hotel at the summit- Kulmhotel Gornergrat not only includes a restaurant but an astronomical observatory as well. During winters, Gornergrat provides access to the pistes.

Zermatt Switzerland

Adventure awaits you

There’s a reason why the Alps is such a popular tourist destination. The luxury resorts aside, the alpine valley gives you access to the beautiful and raw landscape and settings. The trail will take you across the most diverse and magnificentscenic views- mountains, waterfalls, valleys.

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