World’s Most Affordable Countries For Your Next Budget Vacation

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Budget-Friendly Countries for a Great Affordable Holiday

Everyone wants to take a little vacation, and for that you have to consider a few things. Surely, everyone has a different expectation and taste for their journey. For many reasons, all of us have a common thing in mind, how much can we afford. To help you decide where to travel next, I have compiled top cities around the world where that you can travel for less. While your costs will be more affordable, your journey will be just as colorful.

Johannesburg – South Africa

Johannesburg Mandella Square

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa.  You’ll see Mandela’s house here, who is revered as the leader of the apartheid movement. Another attraction for you is the spectrum museum and the Constitutional Mountains, which were previously used as jails. You can count every day to stay in Johannesburg and average $73.

Mumbai – India

Mumbai India

This city is very ancient, and was formerly known as Bombay. The modern Mumbai city is located in the southern coastal region of India. Mumbai is now called the hometown of the Bollywood industry. The normal temperature of this city is a very warm 31 degrees centigrade. There are many important places to visit in this city, but Elephant Caves, Gate Way India, are some of the most popular. To stay in a three-star hotel in Mumbai, you will have to count just $62 dollars.

Colombo – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Budha

Also known as Sri Lanka’s capital city and commercial center. Here you will find a beautiful view of the city, with distinctive architect and National Museum of Colombo. For a three-star hotel, it will cost only $58 dollars, while five stars will cost just $160 dollars.

Vilnius – Lithuania

Vilnius Lithuania

Vilnius is Lithuania’s capital city that is very famous for it’s elaborate wooden architecture. This Baltic nation is one of the most famous European cities for the Jews. Vilnius is called the Jewish city and has a very vibrant old town area.  Here you can spend the night at a very low cost – three dollars for an average of $50 and five stars for $129.

Bucharest – Romania

Bucharest, Romania

This city is known as the commercial center of Romania. Here you can live in a very cheaply as compared to other major European cities You can walk around the famous Quetrera Place, and enjoy the fifteenth-century historic city. Here, an average of $47 will be spent on night at a three-star hotel.

Sucre- Bolivia

Bolivia Volcano

Sucre is one of the capital cities of Bolivia in South America, a distinction it shares with La Paz. Being a city of high elevation, it enjoys pleasing cool temeratures all year long.  Its well preserved early Spanish colonial architecture make it an interesting city to visit. The city will cost only $39 to $81 dollars for the night.

Hanoi – Vietnam

Vietnam Salt Harvesting

This city is a wonderful blend of Chinese and French influences. You will find a lot of things to enjoy in Hanoi, some of the notable places are Vietnam Museum, Literary Temple, The Ho Qiam Lake, and many interesting local scenes. Generally enjoyable for tourists in Hanoi, the normal temperature is about 28 degrees Centigrade. You can count only $34 dollars per night at the three-star hotel in Hannover.

Kathmandu – Nepal

Kathmandu Nepal

A vivid place for travelers, you will not only enjoy traveling in Nepal but also the taste of some unique adventurers. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal’s largest Himalayan state. Places of significance in Kathmandu include the Pashupatinath Temple, Durbar Square, with the stunning view of the mountains. In Nepal, after a big earthquake in 2015, the quality of life of the city is quite low. You have to pay $30 on average to stay here.

Phnom Penh – Cambodia

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, which may be the cheapest destination in the world. Accommodation in  Phnom Penh is available at a price of just $29 to $51. Considered by many to be the friendliest city in Asia, there are many impressive examples of South East Asian temples and architecture.The average temperature here is 28 degrees centigrade, which is enjoyable for tourists.


Various reasons for travel include recreation, tourism, photography, research, voluntary charity, religious pilgrimages, business travel, trade exchange, and pure enjoyment of other cultures. Travel may be local, provincial, indoors or international.  Traveling to the world’s most affordable cities will be just as fulfilling as travel to pricey tourist cities, so we urge you to go exploring for less.

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