The Art of Finding Good Online Travel Deals Revealed

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Tried and True Strategies For Finding The Best Travel Deals

If you would like to make sure that you are able to travel on a budget and afford all the tours you want to take, without being stuck in a shabby hostel or motel, you need to learn the art of finding good deals online. There are many large companies all offering to get you the best deals, and some of them even offer a price guarantee, but – at the end of the day – not all deals are listed online. Below you will find some valuable tips for making your holiday money take you further, and finding great travel deals.

Create a Bucket List

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Before you start searching for deals, it is important to create a bucket list of the places you would like to visit. While traveling to destinations that are cheap is one good solution, you don’t want to be bored at a substandard tourist resort. Instead, sit down and do your research of destinations that are usually within your budget and those just out of your reach. Every now and then there are some great sales going on, so you might just be able to make your vacation dreams come true.

Book at the Beginning of the Week

It is not a well known fact, and usually true, that airlines usually drop their prices around Tuesday and put them back up by Friday, to be ready for the weekend shoppers. JetBlue in particular is known for posting greatly reduced airfares to their twitter board on Tuesdays.  So put some time aside on Tuesdays to search for deals, you will have a better chance of getting a good price, so you can afford a better hotel or an extra tour. No matter if you would like to visit Europe for a city break, the jungles of Africa, or the United States, you need to get the plane tickets at the right price.

Be Ready to Travel

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As last minute travel deals can save you up to 30 percent off regular prices, you will need to be flexible. If you work for yourself it is not a problem, but if you have a job and a boss to ask permission for a vacation, you will have a more limited choice. It is also important that you have your passport ready at all times and get your visa sorted for your destination. Look for Expedited Passport services to make sure you are ready to leave on the cheapest dates offered.  Consider taking a long weekend break instead of a full week.  Leave on a Wednesday and return to work on Monday.

Stay Flexible

You might be able to save money if you opt for non-direct flights or nearby airports. There are several search engines, such as Skyscanner that will allow you to check the price for the whole month, or look at the prices at nearby airports. A few hundred dollars saving and paying a bit for train tickets or bus services might justify the extra time you spend on traveling if you can stay the extra day, take another tour, or get your room upgraded.  Take advantage of sites that track airfares for you.  Enter the destination you are hoping to go to and they will send you an email when the airline prices go down for that destiantion.

Use Smaller Travel Sites

It might also be a good idea to look beyond the well known travel sites. They don’t feature every hotel and flight deal, and you might be better off to go with a smaller independent travel agent who can tailor the vacation to your needs. Look beyond the first and second page of the search results and check out some of the lesser known travel sites for unique deals.

Build Up Air Miles And Loyalty Discounts

In case you are the keen traveler and love getting away and exploring, you will have to look for a discount club or membership site that will help you spend less and make your money stretch further. From air miles programs to free nights at some hotel booking sites, there are plenty of ways you can build up a point balance and get a discount on your next getaway.  Consider opening an affinity credit card that will earn you points for your everyday purchases like groceries and gas.

Contact Local Agents and Tour Operators

You might be surprised to find out about the price difference between booking directly with a local agent or tour guide or using popular large sites that put their commission on the top of the package cost. Whether you would like to see all the animal sanctuaries in Asia or go on a mountain hike with a local guide, you can book direct and get a better deal, saving on the cost of the middle man.

Traveling on a budget and finding the right price for your dream destination can be challenging. Look beyond popular booking sites, make sure that you plan your journey and are ready to take advantage of last minute deals. Stay flexible and get in touch with local travel agents who will be happy to give you a discount compared to booking sites’ offers.

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