Tour The Best of Bordeaux in Just 48 Hours

Bordeaux France Vineyard

Bordeaux is only a few hours away from Paris and you’ll fall in love with its food, wine, and architecture.  In just two days you can see the very best highlights of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux France Vineyard


Before going to Bordeaux, I heard it was called the world capital of art and history and once I got there I couldn’t to anything but to marvel at its amazing streets.  Although Bordeaux is famous for wine and food, there’s plenty to do there! If you’re short on time (as I was when I visited it) but you still want to enjoy the city, check our guide for seeing the best of Bordeaux in just two days!

Before you start exploring the city

Accommodation Tips

Avoid the Triangle d’Or. Although it’s very centric, it is also expensive. When looking for options we prefer places in nearby Saint-Michel, Chartrons, and Lac.

From the Airport to your accommodation

Take the bus line #1 outside the airport, it will get you to the central spots of the city for only 1.60 €. I took a cab from the airport and it took almost the same route but for 20 € more, take the bus instead.

Touring Around

Bordeaux is a pretty walkable city but, if you’d rather save time, you can make use of the excellent public transportation. You can buy tickets for a certain number of days or for a specific amount of trips. One trip costs 1.60 € and a travel pass for a day costs 4.60 €.

Bordeaux Public Transportation

For the active travelers, there’s also the possibility of exploring Bordeaux by bike. You can get a 24 hours code for just 1.60 €.

If you’re planning on visiting many museums, get the 48 hours CityPass for 29 €. This pass lets you use public transportation and includes free entry to some of the best museums in Bordeaux (and some tours, too!). Check all it includes here.

I bought two travel passes for one day because I only visited one museum.

Where to go

Day One Plan

Whether you’re really into wine or not, La Cité du Vin is a place you will want to see. The building is impressive and it’s completely worth it. I took a ferry from Pont de Pierre that got me right to Cité du Vin all through the Garonne.

La Cite du Vin Bordeaux

Wikipedia by Oli Lynch

From the Cité du Vin you can head down to the Chartrons district. I personally enjoyed the Rue Notre Dame. It’s full of antique shops and vintage stores! Don’t miss the Church of St. Louis Chartrons.

I was lucky enough to be there during a Sunday so I could eat at the Marche des Quais. I had oysters and a glass of white wine for 10 €. If you’re not into that, there are a lot of options to choose from… even paella! For a true bordelaise experience buy your food and go watch the Garonne while eating.

From there, walk by the Garonne to get close to the center of the city. Take a little detour to watch the Girondins Monument and then the Grand-Théâtre that’s around the corner of the monument. Before sunset go to the Place de la Bourse and take a pic beside the Miroir d’eau: the reflection will give your photos a dramatic look.

For a second gastronomic experience go to the Place du Parlament. There are a lot of options to eat there. I’d recommend L’autre Petit Bois, a cheap place with a family vibe. I spent less than 15 € for wine and food. If you can choose, eat on the second floor to have a view of the Place.

Want to party? There are tons of options! For a beer go to The Charles Dickens and if that’s not your kind of place, look around and follow your party instincts, you’ll definitely find something that suits you!

Day Two Plan

For breakfast/lunch go to the Marché des Capucins. In this market, you’ll find a lot of options to choose from. Don’t forget to buy cheese in Jean D’Alos. You won’t regret it.

After that, walk to the Clocher Saint-Michel (a gorgeous gothic church), pass the Porte de Bourgogne (near the Ponte de Pierre that you can cross if you haven’t visited it yet) and then the Porte de Cailhau.

Then, go to the Musée d’Aquitaine. I’m a history buff so this is a museum I wanted to visit. If you’re not into that, you can walk the Rue Sainte-Catherine and shop around. That’ll take you almost half of the day. After that, I went to the Café des Arts and had a complete meal for 15 €.

The Cathedral of Bordeaux is just some blocks away so make it your next stop. It really is more impressive from the outside so you can just walk around and watch it from there.

Cathedral Bordeau

And for your last night in Bordeaux, I’d recommend the Bar à Vin. This place is located in the ground floor of the Bordeaux Wine Council and it has a great view of the Grand-Théâtre if you go there during the Summer.

Bordeaux is a city you’ll definitely want to visit again (I know I want to!) and even if it’s a short visit it’s completely worth it.

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