Why Choose South East Asia Over Europe For Your Next Vacation

Thailand Beach Resort

Here’s why more and more people are choosing South East Asia over Europe for their holidays

Whether you like to travel solo or with a group of like-minded individuals, as a traveller, you must have come across this one big compelling question. There’s all good reason to want to go to cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome and the like, but the more informed travellers are increasingly choosing Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bali, Thailand, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries over Europe.

Thailand Beach Resort

Here’s why South East Asia gets all the points:

It’s easy on the wallet

We all deserve a getaway every now and then – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The good news is that there is a stunning difference in costs between Europe and South East Asia once you are on the ground.

While in Cambodia, you can get dorm rooms for as low as €3 and a private room for €9 per night, which includes in-room Wi-Fi, TV, a small fridge, and a big comfortable bed. And what about food? €8-9 for the entire day! Compare that to paying nothing less than €25 for a dorm bed alone in most parts of Europe.

Simply put, you don’t need a fat bank balance to plan your trip to one or more of these Asian delights, and that’s reason enough for most of us to jump!

You get great weather all year round

Your urge to travel really doesn’t depend upon what time of the year it is, but, how good your vacation is, can surely get affected by that. There are only a couple of  welcome months to do Europe, as it is hit by extreme temperatures in the others. And those two months – July and August, can get pretty crowded.

For someone who wants to escape the rush of city life, kayaking around rocky islets in Vietnam or trekking over volcanic rocks in Bali under clear weather skies spells heaven. The South Asian countries let you do so owing to their tropical climate all year round, whether it is the dry season, from November to May, or the wet season from June to October.

Ha Long Bay Vietnam

Worried about the monsoon? Well, the showers are only limited to a late afternoon or evening affair, and, the travelers have been found to manage it even better than the locals. Moreover, there are little to no chances of crowding during the wet season, so it’s easier to move around and unwind.

Go ahead, plan your getaway without looking at the calendar!

You don’t need the local languages

The Northern European countries may seem to be an exception, but the truth is that with most of France, Spain, Italy and Greece taking pride in their culture and language, getting along without knowing the local language can make you uncomfortable.

Siem Reap Cambodia

By Milei.vencel, Hungary from Wikimedia Commons

On the other hand, the locals in Cambodia, Vietnam and other South East Asian countries thrive on tourism and have happily embraced English language, atleast to the level that a foreigner doesn’t have to feel the heat.

Getting a visa to South East Asian countries is as easy as ABC

Did you know that the Indian passport can take you to 59 countries without a visa, or, an easy visa-on-arrival? Yes, that includes Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. And with such simple e-visa facilities, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore also seem to be a piece of cake.

With loads of paperwork, time and minimum €3200 in your bank account needed for a Schengen visa, Europe seems to a destination only for a meticulous and well-planned traveller.

Staying one week more? No problem!

The easy availability of travelling dates,  visa regulations, cheap accommodation and food make it all the more easier for you to relax and extend your vacation beyond the initial plan in the Asian locales, especially, as we said earlier, during the wet season, where you can book buses a night before travelling, or find cheap hotels with no reservations in advance. The only thing to worry about is your boss back home!

Cut to the other side – while you’re holidaying in the European continent, every day counts, and any last-minute changes can burn a hole in your pocket.

Who likes travelling in chains? Well, definitely not us!

More adventurous and exotic than any part of Europe can be

All said and done, let’s for once accept that a trip to Paris has been hammered into our minds by movies or the elite travelling community. But isn’t it such a cliché? If you’re like us – young, wild and free, you would want to do more than just visit museums and art galleries. Talk about hiking, mountain biking, undertaking cave expeditions, getting a sneak peak at the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers as you crouch through the Cu Chi tunnels and sample their meals or simply enjoying folk dancing and singing on the streets in Hoi An (Vietnam), and you already feel the rush of adrenaline through your body!

Bali Beach

If you’re the one who likes to unwind in the many shades nature has to offer, you can explore monkey forests in Bali, go snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing or simply sip your favorite poison at one of the many white sandy beaches with pristine blue waters.

To sum it up, if you’ve got even a little sense of adventure and want to get some cheap thrills without having to plan in advance, South East Asia is your pick. There are many more reasons to explore South East Asia like the rich culture, the delicious food the indigenous dishes and the warm people, but, let’s just say, we leave some things for you to discover yourself!

About The Author:  Sharvi Sharma is a travel enthusiast/freelance writer for https://www.untravel.com/ who has a passion for traveling solo. Her appetite for travel doesn’t limit to seeing the places, she loves to hear the stories behind the making of the country and go deep into its cultural milieu. She is fond of ruins and is eager to run through its history.


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