These 5 Jaw-Dropping Man Made Islands Show The Power of Imagination

Monte Carlo Beach Club Saadiyat Island

5 Beautiful Man Made Islands in Abu Dhabi Shows the Power of Imagination

Abu Dhabi is a land for more than 200 man-made islands while itself being located on a T-shaped island projecting into Persian Gulf from the central western coast. A few of them are worth seeing and can blow away your mind with the visuals that have been constructed. The mighty infrastructure, innovative designs, beautiful sights, plant, animal life and many more unique things that island offers excites not only the residents but also the visitors. The truly enticing attractions of these islands will reveal the creative work done by the country men.

Below are the 5 most beautiful man-made islands in Abu Dhabi that show the wonderful power of Imagination.

Yas Island:

Yas Island occupies a total land area of 2,500 ha and was initiated in 2006 with the aim of turning the island into a multipurpose leisure destination. It is home to many different experiences that thrill visitors. The Yas Marina circuit is one that has hosted the formula one Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. You can find a variety of racing options to suit the taste of every motorsport fan. Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is a real thrill, where fun and enjoyment doesn’t have any limit. It gives the perfect atmosphere for families to spend awesome time. This is the first branded theme park and has the record for the largest space frame structure ever built. The rides and attractions include the fastest roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides give unique experience to the visitors of every age. It offers a perfect food menu for visitors with the international restaurants and a special Italian restaurant.  The Yas Water World which spans a large area, has bubble’s barrel slide which has the largest surfable sheet wave surf in the world. Apart from this, other attractions include music festivals, Yas plaza hotels and Yas Express for transportation and Yas Malls which gives vibrant shopping experience for tourists, international guests. It is always a fun, enjoyable experience visiting to Yas Island which is formulated with well-designed entertainments.

Saadiyat Island:

This island is just a five minute drive away from hometown Abu Dhabi and is one hour from Dubai. The island is based on tourism culture for nature and depicting Emirati heritage and culture. It is a pristine beachfront destination for tourists, providing world class educational offerings from nursery to university. One can witness the natural beauty, local culture, architectural splendors and vast business potential. There are three main districts namely Saadiyat cultural district, Saadiyat beach district and Saadiyat marina district. The Saadiyat district has several cultural institutions like museums, schools, universities, art centers thereby providing education and also activities like art, design, music and drama. The saadiyat marina district has entertainment facilities like maritime museum alongside boats, hotels, and apartments.

Nurai Island:

Photo of Zaya Nurai Island is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This is the most private island in the Emirates and is a stunning place for those looking for peace, tranquility, accompanied by Arabian Gulf views. The place owns world class spas, outdoor pools, mouthwatering gourmet restaurants and private white sandy beaches. This gives you a real cool feeling and pleasant pools flowing aside. It has various restaurants and hotels that offer delicious and overall menu with different recipes. To relax well for yourself the spa service is just impeccable as the treatment rooms are beautiful and you can get the top class service. It is the most exclusive private island of Abu Dhabi that can take you to another world with its private beach front mansions and water villas.

Dalma Island:

This island belongs to desert islands of Abu Dhabi Emirate, a conglomerate of eight islands in total namely Sir Bani Yas and six smaller islands. It holds a history that has a wealth of knowledge and insight into ancient civilizations. It has a resident to heritage sanctuary with the ancient communities, mosques, wooden boats docked on the shore. Besides this, it also gives the best appearances of modern villas, homes, malls and innovative infrastructure. The historical sites in this island include The Museum of Dalma, three old mosques namely The Al Muraykhi, Al Dawsari and Muhanndi mosques, which have traditional architecture and decorative carvings replicate its importance. Apart from this, an archeological site, dormant volcano, fishing, pearling and boat building industries adds real worth for tourists who visit the islands. The island is historically known for its pearl trading and living.

Al Lulu Island:

This is another man made wonder that extends 1,050 acres off the coast of Abu Dhabi. This island is comprised of dunes, sandy beaches and the beautiful looking date palms. However the island has been officially closed to the public and its only accessible now by private boat. One can ideally enjoy the calmness and peace that the island gives, with water beauties around. You can witness the pleasure of quietness while you take a round on the boat into the island.

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