A Local’s Guide to Eating Out in Manchester, England

Rudy's Pizza Manchester England

When visiting Manchester, Here’s A Local’s Guide To Where to Eat Out

Often, when we visit or travel to new places, the unfamiliarity of our new surroundings can have us depending on large and often overpriced chain restaurants when it comes to meal times. There are so many fun and exciting places just waiting to be explored and discovered, yet they often go unnoticed for fear of the unknown. Manchester is a bustling, vibrant city and plays host to plenty of new and individual places for visitors to choose from, no matter if you’re looking for brunch, a mid-afternoon coffee after some shopping or some drinks in one of Manchester’s quirky bars.

“Eat where the locals eat” is the saying and often the locals know the best spots to enjoy food or drinks that are often relatively cheap and quieter than the bigger chain restaurants. With that in mind, here are some of the locally recommended places to visit whilst you are in Manchester.

Coffee and Brunch Spots

Koffee Pot
Koffee Pot Cafe Manchester England

A much-loved Manchester institution, Koffee Pot is a definite must-visit if you are in the city. Known as one of Manchester’s best brunch locations, the Koffee Pot is set in the Northern Quarter area of the city and boasts a relaxed and chilled out vibe. This is no ordinary street cafe and the menu hosts a whole load of brunch favourites, including the KP Full English which comes complete with a serving of black pudding, Spam and fluffy potato cakes. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then the smoked haddock and sourdough toast dish is extremely popular. It comes with sides of tabasco tomatoes and poached eggs.

Lawn Coffee

Lawn Coffee Manchester England

Arguably one of, if not the best coffee shop in Manchester, Lawn Coffee is a well-kept Manchester secret. Set in the Princess St. Hotel, this coffee shop is just minutes away from the bustling busy centre and provides a great spot to rest your feet. This coffee shop isn’t visible from the street, which means that it is usually quiet apart from a few locals reading a newspaper or commuters popping in for their morning caffeine fix. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, then you must visit here to marvel at the multiple ways your coffee can be freshly brewed – espresso, V60 or Aeropress, the choice is yours. The coffee is provided by nearby coffee roasters, Ancoats Coffee Co, so you’ll be enjoying a true Manchester cup of coffee!

Cheap Eats Choicces

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

A hugely popular Manchester eatery, Northern Soul Grilled Cheese has won the hearts of many Mancunians and even Man VS Food’s Adam Richman. With an extensive grilled cheese menu, mac and cheese variations and loaded fries to choose from, if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, this is the place to visit. Their original venue is in the Northern Quarter, but they have just opened up a new venue next to Piccadilly train station which is perfect if you’re just popping by. If you’re visiting Manchester with children, then this is a great place to visit – there’s a dish for even the fussiest of eaters and is extremely laid-back which is great if your children don’t like being sat down for long.

Rudy’s Pizza

Rudy's Pizza Manchester England

Rudy’s Pizza started out as a street food vendor, yet their popularity has led to two permanent locations in the city. The pizzas here are made using fresh and authentic Neapolitan ingredients and are ready to eat in just 60 seconds. Known for their deliciously soft pizza dough, Rudy’s is one of the best places to eat in Manchester, especially if you’re on a tight budget and are looking to enjoy good, simple food in the heart of the city.

For Fine Dining

Manchester House

One of Manchester’s finer dining jewels, Manchester House opened in 2013 and has grown steadily over the years to become one of the best fine dining locations in Manchester. The dishes served here are full of culinary technique and fine taste. They use fresh ingredients in all of their dishes and the menu changes seasonally throughout the year to showcase the best ingredients. The dining experience here is worth a visit alone, with laid-back, yet attentive, staff, atmospheric music and beautiful dining settings. If you’re not in the mood for fine dining, then enjoy one of the many Manchester-themed drinks or delicious afternoon teas that are on offer in the Lounge On 12 bar – the MH Negroni is especially good!


Hawksmoor Restaurant Manchester England

The Hawksmoor is set in a Victorian courthouse and boasts that it is the “best steak restaurant in the UK” – which we can believe. Adorned with deep wood panels and atmospheric 1950 style lighting, the Hawksmoor is one of Manchester’s most popular restaurants. With an extensive steak menu, there are plenty of other dishes to choose from, including lobster and herb-fed chicken. If you enjoy a drink with your meal, then the cocktails here are truly something else and all come served in elegant crystal glasses. If you are looking to dine here, then booking ahead of your visit is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

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