Discover The Best Secret Beaches of the Algarve

Secret Beaches of the Algarve Portugal

How to Discover the Best Secret Beaches on the Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world. Situated on the Southern coast of Portugal, this cluster of towns is often referred to as the golden triangle, which is because of all of the stunning blue flag beaches, which call to tourists all over Europe.

Secret Beaches of the Algarve Portugal

The coast stretches for 160 kilometres of white sandy beaches, with crisp blue waters and quaint buildings, eateries and town centres. The golden triangle is the playground for the wealthy, with stretches of plush golf courses and stunning villas, however, the beaches are the winning factor and people travel from far and wide to bask in the Portuguese sunshine.

With families flocking from all over, it can often feel like an impossible task to find a quiet spot to read a book or to simply lie in the sun. However, a select few know that the Algarve is home to many beautifully hidden away beaches, which are nestled between the towns and villages. If you want to discover true luxury in the Algarve, then why not embark on the adventure to find them?

Ilha da Barreta, Faro

This beach is so hidden away, that it can only be accessed by a boat. Few know that there is a boat at Cais da Porta Nova that can take you directly to the beach throughout the day. There is something quite exciting and old-worldly about visiting a secluded part of the coastline by boat and the beauty of the beach is definitely worth the trip.

As well as having a beach that stretches for 11km, Ilha da Barreta is home to some of the most sunning protected marshlands, which are home to pink flamingos. If you are wanting to find a quiet place to relax and bask in the beauty of the Algarve, then this could be the beach that you have been searching for.

Praia de Marinha

One of the best things about the Algarve, is that you can hope from town to town and have a completely different experience. Boasting quaint little fishing villages, contrasting the vast millionaires playgrounds in Quinta do Lago. Lagoa is a small municipality in the Algarve and has as little as 23,000 inhabitants.

Praia de Marinha Lagoa Algarve

The small town of Lagoa is most famous for being a wine producing region, as well as being home to some of the most breathtaking beaches. Praia de Marinha is a stone’s throw away from this small town. When the tide is at its highest, only a small stretch of the beach can be accessed, but if the tide is out, you will find lots of marine life with stretches of rock pools to explore. This beach has been voted as one of the top 100 beaches in the world. However, it doesn’t get overly crowded, as there is a steep stretch of steps that you have to walk down in order to access this. This makes Praia de Marinha a safe-haven for people who want to get some peace and quiet.

Praia do Ancão, Almancil

Almancil is home to some busy beaches, which are perfect for families and where the Portuguese locals enjoy to relax on. However, Praia do Ancao is a short trip away from these and boasts quiet uninterrupted bliss.

Wikimedia Commons by Beeston

With crystal clear waters to play in, this hidden beach is the perfect compromise between seclusion and family fun. With nearby bars, restaurants and water sports to try, this beach allows you to have the best of both worlds. Unspoiled by over-tourist centricity, it is the perfect place to retreat into your own private little paradise.

Praia da Bordeira, Carrapateira

The Algarve beckons surfers from all over Europe to come and sample the choppy waves, caused by the high winds. If you want to experience true beauty, then try sitting on a quiet beach, watching surfers catch the waves before they crash onto the sandy shores.

If you enjoy being surrounded by a handful of people, all partaking in different activities, but don’t enjoy the overcrowding of overly tourist areas, then Praia da Bordeira could be the perfect hidden beach for you.

The Algarve is a paradise that is so highly regarded by the locals and holiday makers alike, unspoiled by overcrowding, over- tourist-centric areas, that it’s the perfect place to take your family and to soak up the culture and beauty. There are so many sites to see and places to discover.

The hidden beaches only scratch the surface of the beauty of the Algarve Golden Triangle, but they are a great place to start!

About The Author:  Alice Porter works closely with The Real Algarve to better inform people of the beauties that await in the Golden Triangle. She is a travel blogger and can be found on Twitter.

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