What To Eat On Your First Visit To London

5 Classic British Foods You Must Try When Visiting England

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London is well-known throughout the world as an economic hub, cultural center, and modern metropolis. Between the National Gallery, the Science Museum, London Eye, and Buckingham Palace, the city is booming with stuff to do.But what about places to eat?

Often, people visit London without realizing traditional British food is a major part of the experience. Chances are you’re not going to see a pair of detectives running around solving crimes while on vacation in London. But you can pair your visit with some of these top cheap eats in London.

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips (french fries for you Americans) is perhaps the most popular traditional British food, and the city of London is the perfect place to experience this classic.

While on the lookout for a place to grab some fish and chips, read the reviews. If it’s not prepared correctly, you won’t leave with a smile on your face. You can’t leave London without a good plate of fish and chips. When in doubt, ask a local! They’re experts on the area and probably know the best place with the freshest chips.

Top Three Fish And Chips in London: Poppies in Spitalfields | Golden Union in Soho | Toff’s in Muswell Hill

Full English Breakfast

If you’re anything like Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec, you’re a fan of breakfast. And not just any breakfast, the breakfast that will set a new standard for your morning routine.

The Full English Breakfast is a mighty meal and a popular one in London. This plate includes everything: sausages, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, blood pudding, toast, and of course, potatoes — there’s always potatoes.

Top Three Full English Breakfast in London: Dishoom in Kings Cross | Apres Food Co in Farringdon | The Black Penny in Covent Garden

Beef Wellington

Headed to London? Please, do yourself a favor and get some beef wellington. This filet steak is covered with pate and then wrapped in a puff pastry and cooked. The flaky outside meshed with the juicy steak will deliver your taste buds something they will never forget.

Top Three Beef Wellington in London: Savoy Grill in Charing Cross | Bob Bob Ricard in Soho | Simpson’s in the Strand in Charing Cross

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Take a break from all those tourist attractions in London and grab yourself a sweet dessert. Although it originated in Scotland, this moist sponge cake is a popular dish in London. Sticky toffee pudding, along with the sponge, is stuffed with raises or dates, and drenched in a toffee sauce. Add some custard or ice cream and you have yourself the perfect end to a meal or a well-earned walking break.

Top Three Sticky Toffee Pudding in London: Hawksmoor in Moorgate | The Abingdon in Kensington | Holborn Dining Room in Holborn

Bangers and Mash

Need some potatoes? Luck for you, there is no shortage of potatoes in London. Pair those with some bangers (sausage) and you have yourself a British staple. There really isn’t a specific way to prepare this meal–it comes down to the seasoning you use. But it’s a simple meal that guarantees a full belly.

Top Three Bangers and Mash in London: Mother Mash in Soho | The Scarsdale Tavern in Kensington | Coach & Horses in Soho

This is just a small list to get you started when planning out the food you want to try while in London, but there is so much more to know when preparing your travel itinerary for London.

  1. Be sure to research the food scene ahead of time and book your flat or hotel in a part of London that allows you to enjoy all the best food and grub in London.
  2. Research the food lingo before you arrive in London. You don’t want to sit down at a restaurant and not understand half the menu (ie: bacon sarni, bangers, builders, Ruby Murray, and wray & ting).
  3. While you’re out there trying all the foods that are unique to London and British culture, make sure to stop by some of the more popular restaurants. Don’t leave London without stopping by Nandos — you can’t get that in the states! You might even want to try out a UK Mcdonalds, just to see what the menu differences are between England and the U.S.

My final piece of advice: be careful with your food planning, you may find yourself with too many food options and not enough time to chow down on all of them!

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