Why Choose Ballina Australia For A Fun Family Holiday

Ballina Australia Travel Tips

Best Australian Family Holiday: Why Ballina is the Place to Go with Kids

In eastern Australia, at the spot where Richmond River meets the ocean, lies Ballina, a picturesque little town blessed with white sand beaches, blue water and warm, sunny days. Once a lumber town, Ballina today is one of the top Aussie holiday destinations beloved by kids and parents alike! It provides plenty of great hiking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and extreme sports opportunities, plus great food and drinks. In short, it offers all the best from Australia! Aside from it being a perfect vacation spot, Ballina is very easy to reach: it’s home to the region’s airport, plus it’s a great road trip destination. It’s only 100 km away from the Gold Coast and a bit over 150 km from Brisbane!

Ballina Australia Travel TipsWhen planning family holiday in Australia, pick Ballina and you’ll never go wrong. Here’s why you should go on a family friendly vacation to Ballina.

It’s pet-friendly

If your kids are not happy about leaving your pet at home, don’t worry! Ballina is quite pet-friendly as long as you pick up after your pooch and keep them leashed. There are even beaches that allow pets like Patches Beach that will be happy to see you and your kids enjoying Ballina with your beloved pets!

You can go farming

When in Ballina, make sure to visit the Summerland House Farm—a working avocado and macadamia farm. While there, you can go tractor riding, play mini golf, cool off in the water park and munch on some fresh goodies straight from the farm!

It has a castle!

Macadamia Castle Ballina Australia

Your kids will simply loooove visiting this fun and interesting building—a real castle with animals and tasty food treats! The Macadamia Castle will allow your kids to get up close and personal with many Australian cuties like kangaroos, koalas, wombats, pet bunnies, mini goats and other adorable animals. They will also get the chance to learn about animals, animal conservation, how to handle wildlife and how to act kindly to it. Today, that’s one of the most precious and important lessons your kid can learn.

The accommodations are amazing

No matter your accommodation of choice, you’ll be able to find everything in Ballina. However, the best choice for families is camping! This is the most amazing way to experience the place, feel really free and spend a lot of time with your loved ones. There is a beautiful Ballina caravan park with electricity, water and many amazing activities available. Your kids will see this type of accommodation as a real adventure and are guaranteed to enjoy it!

You can be creative

My, my… how kids love to play with clay (adults too)! So, when you find yourself in Ballina with nothing to do, why not try your hand at pottery? Visit Brooke Clunie’s pottery studio and book a class on pottery. Your entire family will have so much fun and come out of the place with some new earthenware and new skills! It’s a great way to exercise your kids’ motor skills, spark their creativity and show them the beauty of creation.

Take a trike tour

If you’re traveling with older kids and teens, provide them with a bit of excitement and octane-filled action on wheels! Rent trikes or even bikes and explore Ballina with the wind in your hair. You can really see the whole North Coast from the back of your Harley or trike and have an amazing time. And your kids will love all the excitement and speed! Just make sure to get all the necessary protective gear and teach your kids all about safety.

You can be really extreme!

If a simple bike isn’t enough for your extreme family, you can try hang gliding! Teens and older kids will love the experience and certainly ask to go again! And with an experienced Ballina instructor, you really don’t have anything to worry about. But, if you want to have an adrenaline-fueled action for the whole family, you can have a fun family game of paintball. This activity is great for groups and big families, especially if you go adults vs kids or boys vs girls!

Hit a strike

Another fun family activity you can try in Ballina is bowling. This game is super fun both for adults and kids and it will even get plenty of excited squeals from your toddlers! Glow-in-the-dark bowling is especially fun and a perfect Instagram or Snapchat opportunity.

Go on a river cruise

Once you get tired of terra firma, you can get on a boat and have a nice and relaxing cruise on the Richmond River. You and your kids will get full commentary on the route you’re taking and learn a lot about marine life and the history of the place. This is both a fun and educational activity for the whole family!

Try deep sea fishing

Richmond River Ballina Australia

If you love your cruise, you can go on another, slightly more exciting, boating trip! But, this time, bring your fishing spirit with you, because you’ll get the chance to reel in a big one! Deep sea fishing will make your heartbeat skyrocket and bring much excitement to the whole family. Make sure to let your little ones try to catch something and see the fish up-close. This is a great way to teach them about fishing and marine animals! Plus, if you keep a watchful eye on your kids, this can be a very safe adventure for even the youngest of toddlers.

As you can see, Ballina is so much more than just a beach. It’s a place of many adventures for toddlers, younglings, teens and parents—all it all, it’s a perfect place for a family vacation!

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