Important Visa Tips To Know Before Visiting Tibet

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Travel Planning for Tibet

Know the Important Visa Facts and Tips Before Going to Tibet

Travel Planning for Tibet

Traveling usually excites people in many ways. It gives you chance to break the daily hectic routine of your life and get an exotic refreshment. But when you make a tour to countries like, which are highly restricted such as ‘China’ then there are lots of information that you must gather in advance.     Tibet is a vital part of China and tourist mostly visit China with a purpose to explore Tibet. It consists of the highly visited tourist place ‘Mount Everest’ and many similar famous sites. There is no doubt to say China follows a strict permission procedure that every outsider must follow. In this article, we will broadly talk about the Tibet Permits as it is quite essential for the people, who are planning to travel ‘Tibet’.

Initially, from the moment you make the plan for the Tibet, you must start keeping your eyes on latest updated about Tibet as well Tibet Permit. There is a set Visa procedure that you need to follow. Here is the list of four basic documents that a foreigner need to provided for traveling to Tibet:

  1.    A valid Chinese Visa or Tibet Group Visa
  2.    The Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit (TTB) ( It is an essential document that you need to provide as a foreigner for traveling to Tibet)
  3.    The Alien Travel Permit (PSB) (It is required at the time of planning to travel to the ‘unopened’ areas in Tibet.
  4.    The Military Permit (This Tibet Permit is required if you are planning to travel to some military sensitive areas.

All the above mentioned Tibet Permit, you must have to obtain for the smooth tour. In case of missing the above-mentioned documents, you will have to bear a big loss that might surely create problems in your way. If you are blank about all these terms then read the entire article you will be conscious about each and every document that you have to bring along with you.

Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit

Let us start with TTB. It is kind of Tibet Permit that is required for any foreigners and Taiwan citizens before they travel to Lhasa or any other regions of the Tibet. You need this document at the time of boarding a flight or training as well as checking in the hotels, which are located in Lhasa. There are many small spots that you will discover in the road or middle of the journey, where you will have to show your Tibet Permit.

How to Apply for a Tibet Permit

If you have made up your mind about traveling to Tibet then you might also be curious about how can you obtain such a document and apply for it. No worries, the procedure for applying for these documents is quite easy. After confirming your trip with us, you need to send few documents such as clear scanned copy or photo of your passport, Chinese visa and some personal information at least 20 days in advance by email or hardcopy.

Travel Permit ( PSB Permit)

It is another type of Tibet permit that you required for visiting any unopened areas in Tibet such as Mount Everest and Mount Kailash. This documents are very confidential and issued by the Foreign Affairs Section of the

How to Apply for a PSB Permit

You can apply for PSB Tibet Permit in your arrival at Lhasa. Once you will reach there, you will be asked to submit your password and TTB Permit to the Foreign Affairs Section of PSB.  The Procedure will take several hours and the cost will be already included.

Any unopened area will not be open for any single person. Thus, you have been in the group of people. Moreover, individual travelers are also not allowed to obtain PSB permit. You can only obtain if you will be in the group. Here we have come up with the list of unopened areas in Tibet:

  •    Tsedang: Samye Monastery, Tomb of Tibetan King, Trandruk Monastery, Yumbulakhang
  •    Shigatse: Sakya Monastery, The Mount Everest, Rongphu Monastery
  •    Gyangtse: Pelkor Chode Monastery & Kubum Stupa
  •    Ngari Region: such as Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Tsaparang, Ali, etc.
  •    Nyingchi Region: Such as Basum-so, Pomi, Rawo-to, etc.

Military Permit

There are some special and highly secured areas in Tibet such as Ngari, Nyingchi, and Nagqu. If you intended to travel in such areas then you need to obtain a Military Permit. These areas are considered as the military sensitive areas in Tibet. The military permit will be issued by the military office in Lhasa. Your chosen Travel agency will arrange such permit which usually takes around 3 to 4 years.

Some of the important issues that usually people face in Tibet Permit

As we stated earlier that you have to take all the precaution in advanced before going to travel any odd country like China. Here we have come up with some issues that usually people face in Tibet Permit.

If you are a tourist, businessman, employee, and student then you will not face any problem in obtaining a Visa. On the other hand, If you are a Diplomats, journalists, and government officials then you need to arrange it by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government.

The basic details which are required about the travelers are name, nationality, passport number, gender, date of birth as well as an occupation (The copies of  your passport and China visa)

Only your guide could hold your Tibet Permit after you establishing on Tibet Land. You are not permitted to bring with it.


We wish that this article helped you in knowing about the important thing related to the Tibet Permit. If there is any information left then you can obtain it by accessing our official website We are always open to provide you our value lab assistance. You can go through the other article which is written on our website telling about the important points to consider before traveling to Tibet.

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