Tips To Know Before Taking Your First Ski Trip

Ski Vacation Tips

What To Know To Have A Successful First Time Skiing

The people who have been on a skiing trip before know just how much fun they can be. Carving your way down the slopes, breathing in that fresh mountain air, and spending cozy evenings with your friends, beer in hand; it’s all good stuff! So you can see the appeal. But if you’re haven’t yet been on a skiing vacation, then there are some things you’ll need to know if you want to make yours successful. Below, we take a look at a few useful tips that’ll ensure you have all the right pieces in place.

Ski Vacation Tips


Pick the Right Area

Your enjoyment of your vacation will greatly depend on where you decide to go skiing. There’s a big difference between skiing at Vail and choosing a regional skiing spot! If it’s your first trip, you’ll be well-served by avoiding the bigger resorts. People go to them because they offer some of the world’s best skiing routes, but you don’t need to experience the best if it’s your first time. You’ll be just as happy at a smaller resort where you feel more confident. Plus, you’ll save money – there’s no point paying for an expensive pass if you can’t ski the majority of the routes.

Learning How to Ski

First of all: everyone can ski, and most people usually pick it up within a couple of hours. But there will be a period where it kind of sucks. Chiefly, when you’re falling over every thirty seconds. If you have a learning area near to where you live, look at learning the basics before your vacation. If there’s not, spend the first half day with a professional instructor. You’ll pay for it, but it will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your trip.

The Essentials

There are some practical matters you’ll need to think about when you’re skiing. For instance, remember that, you know, it’s going to be cold and snowy. You don’t want to have to call it an early day just because you’re cold! So make sure you have everything you need to stay toasty and warm while you’re in the mountains. A battery heated jacket, thick gloves, and insulated trousers will all help to keep the chill at bay. And you might be wondering about the ski equipment: for your first trip, it’s much better to rent rather than buy. Only invest in a set when you know you’re going to ski regularly!

Half Ski, Half Relax

A skiing vacation is about much more than just being on the mountains. For many people, the best part is after the day is finished, when everyone is back, showered, warm, and having a beer. As such, it’s a good idea to get accommodation that offers a place for everyone to unwind. You’ll want to venture out to the bar sometimes, but there’ll be times when your body is just too tired to move. At that point, stay in and enjoy other’s company, and look forward to doing it all again the following day.

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