10 Safest Places in Europe For Solo Travellers

safe solo travel destinations

Travelling Solo? Here Are 10 Safest Places To Travel Solo In Europe

Traveling solo is the best way to relax your soul and indulge in some me time. Somewhere far away from the daily hustle of life, where you can actually introspect yourself.  But solo-traveling can have some cons. Safety is one of the biggest issues which leads most people to avoid traveling alone.

safe solo travel destinations

For young women, safety is even a bigger concern. Even if they are ready, their family may encourage them not to travel solo due to this issue.  And that is why we have come up with a list of 10 places in Europe that you is usually quite safe to travel alone. This continent is probably the safest and friendliest place on Earth. It is a little expensive, but most of the cities/countries can be explored on foot making it cost-effective.

Here are 10 safest exhilarating destinations to travel solo in Europe.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The best museums in the entire world can be found in Amsterdam. This city reeks of chillness and is liberal and laidback. You can reach it easily via its international airport. Also, it’s a very bike-friendly place. So, rent a bike, and paddle away to scenic locations all day long. It is very safe and everyone speaks English, so communication is not a problem. The other language spoken here is Dutch.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

For your first solo-trip, go to Edinburgh. It has museums and lands for hiking, pubs and coffee shops. In all, a total package with a bonus that English is the primary language. This means no problems in communicating with the natives. It has an old and new town, and both of them can be explored on foot or by bus. The major tourist attractions include pubs, coffee shops, and green lands for hiking. For a little knowledge about the history, visit the Scottish National Gallery or National Museum of Scotland, they are free.

If you love watching sunsets, Edinburgh castle is the place for that.

  1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia is the safest place in Eastern Europe. It is unexplored, so the Eastern culture is in its pristine and unadulterated form.  Navigation can be a little hard here. But this city is very cheap, so it should definitely be in your list for traveling solo. It is easy to reach from any European countries as it has both air and rail services.

Some of the best attractions are- Central Square, Ljubljana castle, Cathedral and town hall.

  1. The Azores, Portugal

The Azores is known for its outdoor activities which are also its main attraction. One of the best places to visit here is an island called Sao Miguel. It has many scenic points and beaches, mountains, hot springs and Volcanoes that make for a great visit.

The crime rate and population here is very low. This makes it safe and a great place to relax.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Another place on your list should be the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. It has a two-line metro system that gets you around the city easily and it’s cheap too. For checking other spots in-between, you can grab a City bike. This has destined lane and comes with a GPS which is very handy.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

For the people who love to walk, Dublin is a great destination. Most of the tourist attractions are in central Dublin, which you can cover on foot in a single day.

The navigation system here is great and will lead you to the numerous churches and museums.  For nightlife, it has many pubs that offer live music. So, entertainment here will be no problem.

  1. Girona, Spain

Girona in Spain, is a mesmerizing place with its cobbled lanes and medieval lanes. It is a modern city, but has kept its history and rich culture intact. It also has a lot of dining options. You must visit these places here:

  • The hidden gardens that has the epic red bridge of Girona.
  • The famous ice-cream place Wonks-Esque.·
  • Local museums to learn everything about Games of Thrones.
  1. Prague, Czech Republic

If you want to visit a place where people speaking English are more, visit the capital of Czech Republic. Prague has a rich culture, and you can learn about the history of the 20th century here.

Main tourist attractions are- Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, old town square and St. Vitus Cathedral.

  1. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is one of the most expensive yet beautiful cities in Europe. But the perk is that it can be explored on foot, so shopping, eating and staying will be expensive but not touring.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is heaven on Earth and Zurich comes in second on the list of Mercer’s quality of life list. Zurich is easy to explore on foot and also has a great train/tram system to go around. The crime rate here is low, which makes it safe for solo-travelers. You will be able to find people who speak English here, but the main languages are German and French.

It has many lakes and museums and local market for you to explore. Also, its connected to many other great cities like Interlaken and Brussels.

I am packing my bags and going to Europe on a solo trip. What about you? Will I see you there, I hope so. Chao! Have a happy vacation people.

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