Bali For Families – An Unforgettably Experience

Bali Family Camp

There is a family camp at Bali in a delightful resort place called Gaia-Oasis-Pantai, located on the beach of the island`s north coast, three hours’ drive from the airport, in a silent village called Tedjakula.  This is a place well worth discovering for a family vacation in Bali.

Bali Family Camp

Among the main attractions of a developing family camp are:

Birthlight Swimming

Birthlight is a special technique, which developed over 20 years, purposefully promoting the idea of “water parenthood”. The technique puts a major focus on activation of parent emotional bond with babies in a water environment. The desired effect is achieved with the help of special techniques of movement and relaxation in water. The mastery of techniques develops survival skills and swimming.

Birthlight Swimming

Baby Yoga

This is a system of simple moves and special exercises, directed to active interaction between a mother and a child. A special adaptive version of yoga lies within this system of exercises. Exercises help to develop a baby since birth and a bit older than a 1-year-old and directed to its general well-being, let alone to the improvement of the physical and emotional condition of a mother. Not difficult movements, baby yoga is based on, are practised since today in certain areas of India, and knowledge about child`s yoga goes over one generation to another. Developed system of baby yoga is total responds requirements of modern children in the western world. This system of child yoga managed to combine important principles of awareness and joy of life, which are so important for the full development of a baby`s personality.

Benefits For Your Baby:
– child yoga exercises strengthen backbone and all skeletal system of a child, let alone develop muscles and make joints more flexible;
– exercises also help to improve digestion and take a baby off colics in bowels;
– yoga develops a child vestibular system well;
– improves sleeping and helps to balance state of mind;
– engagement a baby into a game enriches its emotional world.

Benefits For a Mom:

-helps to set up a body after labour;
– strengthen muscles of hips and lower stomach muscles;
-opens up a chest and helps to relax shoulders;
– restores a former body posture;
– helps to overcome post-natal depression;
– teaches a mutual relaxation with a baby;
– fills a sphere of emotional communication between a mom and a baby with new feelings.

Frequent exercise of baby yoga according to the Birthlight system provides happy and live communication between parents with their child, which is going to continue in further far as a child grows up. Exercises allow adults and their little kids to do exercises together and have fun, developing strength, flexibility and balance. Exercises are ended with a compulsory relaxation.

SMART yoga

SMART yoga (Stretching, Moving And Relaxation Together) accordingly to Birthlight system is a program of exercises for children at the ages from 1 to 5. SMART yoga is a great opportunity to keep a tender connection between a baby and parents when the world of movement and exploration opens up in front of a baby around. The program gives parents and their children an opportunity to painlessly overcome «difficult» age and daily enjoy communication with each other. All the family take part in exercises, a mother, a child, and even a father!

As a result:

For one lesson, the baby receives an amount of physical activity, which can be compared with the load that a child in everyday life receives per day; baby’s sleep improves, and his behaviour becomes more controlled and balanced; parents form the habit of daily communication with the child; stimulates the important functions of the body of the child;

Bali Family Yoga

Smart yoga allows parents to get to know their children better, let alone to set up a contact with a child; a child, receiving not only pleasure but also positive stress during classes, in the future will be able to overcome various difficulties more easily; parents pay special attention to the child, and this process teaches the child to actively interact with others and contributes to the active inclusion in the game;
With the help of relaxation, moms and dads will learn to successfully cope with stress in the early stages of raising a baby.

Family soft school is a special system of play exercises, which is designed for children aged 6 months and their parents. This system is based on soft styles of martial arts. Exercises work towards opening innate ability of a person to be flexible, free, brave, let alone to be able to respond to difficult situations fast.

Bali Family Camp

Everyone has a chance to show oneself at master classes!

The initiative is welcomed in the camp, which is why if you have any talent and ready to teach something interesting other participants, you are welcome to.

In addition, you are going to be told:

  1. About secrets of plaiting of Indian mandala;
  2. About aromatherapy;
  3. Conduct a few experiments!
  4. You are going to be taught to sew dolls for theatrical productions and use them appropriately!

Early massage and its basics
A class about child massage is waiting for you and its basic advantages. You are going to find out what signals children give during the massage session, how to define a baby`s needs right, and in conclusion, you are going to be shown the basic techniques of child massage.

Trips across the island

Bali Island is full of beautiful and interesting places, which you should definitely visit!

The approximate schedule is as follows:

7.30 AM— 8.30 AM— Hatha yoga for adults (baby monitor is advised to be taken!)
9 AM — 10 AM — Breakfast
10 AM — 10.45AM — Swimming exercises for parents with children to 2 years of age) Baby yoga for parents with children not younger than 2 years of age – exercise chain is changed the next day
11 AM — 11.45 AM — Soft school for children (general-audience) /creative workshop for parents with children/rope line/ theatrical performances / experimental set up
12 PM — 1 PM — Soft school/creative workshop (everything for adults)
1 PM — 4 PM — Lunch and rest
4 PM — 4:45 PM — Soft school for children (general-audience)/creative Workshop for parents with childrenи/rope line/ theatrical performances/ experimental setup
5 PM — 6:30 PM — Lectures/conversations/songs
7 PM — 9 PM — Dinner

Light out!

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