America’s Top Off Road-Trails and Parks

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Off Road Trail in America

Top Off Road Trails & Parks across America for 2018

If you have been longing to finally get off the pavement and do some exhilarating adventures on rocks or mud, then this infographic may shed you some light on where to go during the weekend. Conducted by PartCatalog, a leading source of car parts and accessories in the U.S., this 2018 survey compiles the Top 5 off-road trails to visit in every U.S. state.

The respondents of the survey come from all 39 states and participated through social media and word of mouth. Having garnered a huge voter turnout, this list should be PartCatalog’s most precise one to date.

Whether you are a professional or a recreational off-road driver, the results of the survey will excite and encourage you to take that next off-road adventure ASAP.  Are your favorites on the list?

2018 Top Off Road Trails in America

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