Top Reasons Madrid Will Charm You

Madrid Spain travel tips

Top Reasons To Visit Madrid This Year

Madrid, often known as the country of Don Quixote,  is the most populated city in Spain. The geographical centre of the Iberian Peninsula is full of museums, wine bars, monuments, and colourful restaurants. The cultural dynamism of this city gives it a cosmopolitan character and makes it a sophiticated counterpart, to it’s tourism rival, Barcelona.

Madrid Travel Tips

Spaniards are known for declaring their capital as the “True Spain” and once you get immersed in all the festivities you will see for yourself.  Welcome to the bull fiesta capital, and where the most successful football club of the world fuels the cheering euphoria.

One of the travel capitals of the world
Chances are that most of us have already wished to spend an exotic weekend on the beaches of Ibiza, or finally pay a visit to the breathtaking Catalonian gem that is better known as Barcelona. Yet, thousands of bachelors annually swear that Madrid stag weekends are something unrepeatable elsewhere. Surprisingly for most of us, Madrid is usually the first most visited city of Iberian Peninsula, always neck in neck with Barcelona’s famous charm.

After a long flight, it will only cost you 30 euros to reach the city centre from the Airport. And from that point, the real Madrid adventure can unfold.  Over 30 magnificent museums, arts and cultural centres speak for themselves and centuries of glorious history dotted the Spanish capital in golden ornaments and porcelain filled streets. Don’t forget to breathe the “outdoor spirit” that this city is famous for and visit as many beautiful parks as you can.

Madrid is interestingly the only capital in Europe that doesn’t lay on a river. Yet, visitors have never had a problem flocking to this inland Spanish city for centuries. This cosmopolitan city is the capital of the EU with the World Tourism Organization’s headquarters being located in the centre of Madrid. It is often said: “Madrid is a city that can not be described but can only be lived.”

Madrid Plaza

Plaza Mayor marks the starting point for the most visitors as they are greeted with a bronze statue of Philip II, from where the city spreads into elegant boulevards and expansive, manicured parks such as the Buen Retiro. It’s renowned for its rich repositories of European art from some of the most famous painters and sculptors the world has ever seen. Arguably the most famous painter and the artist of the 20th century the infamous Pablo Picasso created some of the most remarkable achievements on Madrid’s soil. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of many free entry options during the weekend for some of the biggest cultural landmarks of this city.

Madrid Street Art

Some of the most recognizable places for shopping can be found nearby. But be aware, many smaller or family-run shops operate on the traditional Spanish schedule and will close between 2:00 and 5:00 pm. This part of the city will also introduce you to some of the most luxurious restaurants in Spain. But consider visiting Plaza Santa Ana for the first taste of Spanish cuisine. It is a local favourite with bars and eateries featuring traditional Spanish favourites and modern takes on classic dishes.

Spanish Party Fever Thrives in Madrid

Nightlife is pulsing throughout the clubbing scene with the same outlook that famous Spanish fashion designers are known for. Electro-dance discos that vibrate with a provocative style created the new image of Spanish integrity we better know today.  Thriving entertainment opportunities that proved to be the reason for millions of visits each year are not the most affordable fun you can find in Europe but one of the most splendid for sure.

Madrid Spain travel tips

It’s easy to enter one of them in the early hours of Friday and never leave until the late hours the next day. Something that made Madrid’s party hub reach the higher grade of entertainment possibilities is the combination of extravagance and the will to overthrow Ibiza as a Spanish party capital. Therefore, hundreds of worlds top DJs spin on the outskirts of Madrid in such fashion that became instantly recognizable throughout party circles of Europe.

Grabbing a drink and just observing this cultural phenomenon can be a life-changing experience, but why not put those hands in the air and feet on a dance floor and join the “fiesta” euphoria while you can.  You’ll have no trouble finding just the right spot to fit your mood among the infinite bars, big nightclubs, and small pubs in Madrid.  Each soul that enters the Spanish capital leaves with a tear in the corner of the eye as it already starts to think about eventual return.

In Conclusion

Madrid is not a budget travellers dream, but they can find some great opportunities to have unforgettable nightlife fun and cultural experiences. The city is safe for the most part, so have no worries about that. If you are ready for a weekend full of culture and entertainment along with unique dishes and unprecedented hospitality then look no further. Madrid will be the perfect destination for you so plan your stay wisely and try to taste every bit of Spanish capital while you can.

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