Candytopia – Like Visiting Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Candytopia New York

Have You Ever Dreamed of Visiting Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?  A visit to Canytopia is the next best thing!

Candytopia is a sweat interactive experience with a social media twist. We picked out our time to visit online and took the Long Island Railroad into NYC to check out what all the hype was about.  This promised to be a great treat during the Christmas school vacation week.  At the entrance, taffy and gold metal gates opened to greet us and allow us entry into the waiting halls of candy.

Once we entered the first room it was filled with clocks and sculptures made from candy.  Each piece of art was made from different types of candy. Our guide started out by explaining what candytopia was in the first room. She told us to pick one of the clocks that hang from the ceiling, that we think is filled with candy, and stand under it. My husband and son picked the right clock, for as soon as it dropped there was lots of Lindt chocolates to scoop up.  We brought a bag and grabbed some chocolate to start filling it up.

Candytopia New York

Our guide brought us to the next room, which required that we push through a hallway that felt like a bouncy house on both sides of us.  Once we were in, we were greeted by three candy factory workers who sung us the rules of the factory. The next set of gates opened revealing swings, sculptures made of candy, and machines we could listen to the sounds of the factory, and more candy that was free to take.

Candytopia New York

One of the cool features of Candytopia is that there is an app to download. I highly recommend downloading the app.   In each room you can scan your Q-code and take a picture. Then the picture is emailed to you and you can upload it on social media directly from the app.

The hallway of lights and beads brought us to a what looked like an art museum, but all the art was made from candy, amazing! As we turned the next corner we felt like we entered the sea, there were stingrays, a diver, fish and seaweed all made from candy and pixy sticks to take for the walk.

The next corner started with a spray of confetti and were able to spin on the rainbow with trolls. Before we left, we grabbed some more bags of candy.

Candytopia New York

What is better than a life size swing shaped like the number 100 and life size balls that you can throw around. The last room was a huge pool of marshmallows (not real ones) that you can jump and play in.  Kids and adults are welcome to join in the fun. You take off shoes and jump right in. Before we left, we grabbed so huge real marshmallows to eat on the way out.

Candytopia New York

My son had the most amazing time. It ended with a gift shop of candy and candytopia merchandise.  The NYC Candytopica event is closed now, but re-opens again on August 15th. This is a must-do event when you are heading to NYC. Tickets cost $34 adults and $26 kids 4-12, under 3 are free.  Its’s located right across from Penn Station. I recommend bringing a bag to keep all your candy in and don’t forget to download the app.  The whole experience takes under an hour, and it’s lots of fun!

To learn more about Canytopia, other cities where it appears, and to purchase tickets for upcoming dates, click here,

About the Author:  Alisha Rappaport is a marketing and development consultant and is a mommy blogger for Wicked Good Travel Tips. She enjoys taking her son on new adventures aand sharing her experiences with our readers.

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