6 Reasons to Visit The Kenai Peninsula in Alaska

Why The Kenai Peninsula Should Be Your Choice for an Alaska Vacation

The holidays are here, and Alaska should be on your list of places to visit. There are myriads of destinations to spend the time in Alaska, but for a time in heaven on earth, the Kenai Peninsula is the place for you. Here is why.

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Being almost the same size as Belgium, the Kenai Peninsula is top of the list for anyone visiting Alaska for the first time. To the east, we have the jutting Kenai Mountains, the waters of Resurrection Bay and large icy fields. The west is somewhat flattened with large lakes, rolling hills, and a long coastline. There are several cultural towns with interesting nightlife to visit for the time in Alaska worthwhile; Hope, Seward, and Homer.

With the best weather in Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula is home to the best wildlife adventures. There are several day-hike sites through the Glacier Mountains and breathtaking paddles through the glaciated fjords. Below are some of the best reasons as to why the Kenai Peninsula will assure you of a fun-filled holiday.

Why the Kenai Peninsula?

With several popular destinations to visit Alaska, below are the reasons why you should opt for the Kenai Peninsula:

Northern Lights

Maybe it should count as a winter activity, but aurora borealis or the northern lights is a place to visit for the time in Alaska. It’s just simple, long hours of darkness with earlier sunsets sum up to higher chances of witnessing one of nature’s greatest wonders. In as early as late August, it is possible to see this nature’s magnificence in Alaska, but November through March are the high months of auroral activity. Usually, the best viewing points are just the outskirts of downtown Fairbanks, making outstanding hotels such as Westmark Hotel and Princess Lodge ideal places to stay while on your aurora viewing trip. The Kenai Peninsula is a remarkable place to view the Northern Lights as well.

The Kenai Fjords Tours

Jump on a Fjord cruise and enjoy a great guided nature journey experience. You’ll be able to watch humpback whales breaching, glaciers calving, and perfect wild scenery from the start to the end. To sum it up, the excellent food to keep you energized throughout the whole trip.

Humpback Whale Kenai Peninsula Alaska

There is also the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge; Go to Seward and over the bay get to dreamy Fox Island where you will find the lodge. Enjoy exclusive moments with friendly guest service, comfortable rooms, and delicious dining. You’ll love the peacefulness that this seclusion offers, and you’ll be minutes from the Kenai Fjords National Park.

The Kenai Fjords National Park offers some of the best sightseeing in Alaska. The magnificent park begins just to the south of Seward. With mountain coverage of 587,000 acres, the park hosts a massive ice field and tidewater glaciers. Many people don’t realize that they are constantly leaving behind these amazing glaciers, just to discover another one. The exit glaciers should be part of your traveling itinerary during your time in Alaska.

Time in Alaska is Never Complete Without Some Camping

Alaska camping tents

It goes without saying, your time in Alaska is never complete without camping. The Homer Spit campground just by the shores of Kachemak Bay offers a unique place to camp and explore for your trip. The beach camping offers a magnificent sky view. You can even count the bald eagles soaring overhead. For the fishing lovers, you’ll find King Salmon just by the bay and even better, interact with the halibut fishermen. For boat tours while camping, you could hire a kayak or take a fishing boat out of Homer or Anchor Point. Let’s go camping.

Peace, Quiet and Fewer Crowds

Many people usually ask ‘when is the best time to travel to Alaska?’ It is best to explore the frontier during summertime, but fall, on the other hand, offers a peaceful and quiet trip. The roads are clear and not packed with RVs or buses. There is more space on tours and activities. Restaurants are quick regarding customer service with no wait time. At the campgrounds and RV parks, there is plenty of space. The list doesn’t get end there; for the visitors and locals alike, fall is the opportune time to experience all that Seward has to offer.

Fall Colors

For many locals, fall is their favorite season in Alaska. The Kenai Peninsula offers beautiful colors all season through, but fall offers unique and feeling beauty colors not offered by the other seasons. Shades of orange and yellow illuminate the trees, the air is crisp, and the mountains offer more drama with their dusting snow. Fall is also the best month for Alaska cruise along the Russian rivers. Lest we forget the beautiful drive between Seward and Anchorage is enough for you to consider a trip in the fall.

You’ll Get Horseback Riding Services in Your Tourist Trip

Horseback Riding Alaska

For the jaw-dropping Alaskan wilderness, horseback riding is the best way to explore it. There are Horseback Ride options like the Bardy’s Trail Rides in Seward that offers phenomenal views. This will take you to places only accessible by horse, here you can get close to bald eagles, even best watch them feed and see where they nest. Riding along the shores, you might spot harbor seals, porpoises and sea lions. While planning a trip to Alaska on a budget, consider the Seward Horseback Rides.


Kenai Peninsula offers the highlights of Alaska in the very best ways. Be sure to plan for the time in Alaska this holiday by visiting the place for the most stunning sceneries. Have you visited the Kenai Peninsula before? Share with us some tips by commenting below.

About the author: Catherine Wiley is a poet, writer, family woman who is passionate about camping gear reviews. She is currently having an adventure in Alaska, so she is glad to share her thoughts and experience.

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