Visit Slovenia Now Before Brexit Changes Everything

Why Visit Slovenia

Why You Should Buy Your Tickets Now For Travel to Slovenia Before Brexit is Official

Since 1992, air travel has become much cheaper thanks to the Internal Market of Aviation. As Brexit’s official date approaches at the end of March, flight costs and other travel expenses to the EU are expected to change, and no one knows for sure how much. Right now traveling to EU countries like Slovenia, where I live, is affordable and close enough for a weekend getaway. While Slovenia provides an idyllic, beautiful, relaxed, and cheap destination for Brits, Brexit is likely to change all of this.

Slovenia Travel Tips

When I flew from Slovenia to London, I secured a round-trip ticket from EasyJet for under £200. Telling people I live in Slovenia, they often didn’t know where it was, or that was in the EU. On multiple occasions, people changed it from “Slovenia” to “Slovakia” or even “Romania.” Planning accordingly, you can have a new experience in a foreign country and a lovely holiday that doesn’t break the bank. This is why you should come to Slovenia now, before prices skyrocket.  Here are top reasons to visit Solvenia now.

It’s Beautiful

The sheer beauty of Slovenia is a reason alone to come. If you have any interest in skiing during the current season, hiking, or simply drinking a coffee on the shores of gorgeous Lake Bled, any traveler is awestruck by the country’s landscapes. There are plenty of things to do in Bled, the surrounding city, but trekking to the castle that towers above the lake and paddling to its island where local men carry their brides-to-be up the steps to the church.

Why Visit Slovenia

Beyond Bled, Triglav National Park and the immensely stunning Soča Valley are scenes from another time. Lake Bohinj, and Triglav in general, are a great place to trek and ski. The waters of the Soča River are really that turquoise, and the outdoor activities in the region abound. You can also go to the tiny nearby town of Kobarid, where you can dive into WWI history at the Kobarid Museum and the town’s Historic Trail that includes a late Roman settlement, Italian trenches, and rugged nature. Known for the Battle of Caporetto (Kobarid) that Ernest Hemingway documented in A Farewell to Arms, it is possible to immerse yourself in history, adrenaline sports, and the country’s finest restaurant, Hiša Franko, all in one day.

It’s Easy

Though everyone here seems to think their English is bad, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone speaks English, and quite well. They learn it early in school, so you won’t have trouble getting around, ordering food, or even making some friends. Slovenes may be a bit shy at first, but they open up, becoming friendly and warm not long into a conversation.

The capital city Ljubljana is charming, small, and easy to get around. It offers an array of museums, dining options, and sites to visit. Again, visiting the castle is a popular choice but I prefer to eat and drink in the city center, where you can see it from just about anywhere. Don’t miss doing a pub crawl to find Slovenia’s emerging craft beers. At Sir William’s Pub, you can try favorite brewery is Pelicon (Pe-li-tson), but you can’t go wrong with Human Fish or Maister.  Walk pretty much everywhere in the touristy part of town, or take the bus to your preferred destination.

Ljubljana Slovenia

From the bus station just outside the city center, you can go to many day-trip destinations, including the caves in Postojna and Škocjan. Although the Postojna caves are much bigger, older, and more impressive, I prefer Škocjan because you can walk slowly, without so many people around, and lose yourself in the darkness. Though everything in the country is just a few hours away, you can also compare cheap holiday deals to ease the stress even more—though there are no headaches when traveling in Slovenia.

It’s Cheap, for Now

While Slovenia remains a very cheap place for British travelers, this may change when Brexit becomes official. Not only will flight prices go up, the visa situation will change as well. And while Britain’s currency remains strong, there is no telling how this will change when the UK officially leaves the market. Still Slovenia is affordable. A nice meal won’t break the bank, and you can get local fast-food favorites like doner kebab and burek, a pastry stuffed with meat, cheese, or the local incarnation, pizza, for around €2. Drink the local swill, beers like Union and Laško, for the same, and coffees under that. Bus and train prices are reasonable. Everything from hostels to nice hotels are affordable, and all will welcome you with cleanliness and hospitality.

Slovenia Top Sites

Postojna Cave By Ryan Beitler

Even after Brexit Slovenia is a fantastic destination filled with rolling green hills, traditional culture a bus ride away, friendly people, great sites, cheap beer, history, and natural beauty that will keep you in awe for the remainder of your stay. Come before it becomes more difficult, and more expensive. In just a few days you can lose yourself in a land both foreign and accessible.

About The Author:  Ryan Beitler is a writer, journalist, and traveler. He has written for Paste Magazine, New Noise Magazine, OC Weekly, Addiction Now, and his travel blog Our Little Blue Rock.


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