Why Staycations Are The Big Trend in Britain This Year

British Staycations

Why Are Over Half of Brits Expected to Stay Home for the Holidays This Year?

British Staycations

Staycation isn’t a new word, but it has gained popularity recently in Great Britain.  A Staycation is when individuals choose to stay in their home country for their holidays throughout the year. While this is pretty common in other larger countries where the sun is always shining somewhere and the beaches have miles upon miles of golden sands, fewer people think of busy cities and grey skies when talking about taking a stay near home vacation.

Staycations in Great Britain

This isn’t the case however in the UK. While Great Britain might be a small island that can comfortably fit multiple times over in the nearest international neighbour, there is plenty to see, explore, find and enjoy even when the sun does make an appearance! This is just part of the reasons over half of Brits will be choosing to holiday at home this year. Here are some of the fantastic staycation benefits for those who choose to spend their holiday near home in Great Britain;

Travel Is Simple

The United Kingdom may be small, but it is much easier to get around than many countries , you can even drive from Land’s End (the most southerly point) to John o’ Groats (the northern-most point) taking approximately 12 to 15 hours in a personal vehicle. When you condense that down to any major city, you are never very far away from the best attractions,   What’s more, where there are people living, there is good public transport and easy routes to get around.

History Was Made Here

Stonehenge England

There’s no doubt that the United Kingdom is bursting at the seams with history and culture. The individual counties have existed for millennia and have been inhabited for almost all that time, leaving behind echoes and footprints in time that have been discovered and protected for everyone to explore. Discover the mysteries of Stonehenge, uncover the infamous tales of London’s serial killer, or explore the local legends of Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and other fabled figures of in history.

Convenience on Your Doorstep

Pet lovers rejoice at the staycation! No longer will you have to leave your beloved pooch behind in expensive doggy day-care or with a pet caretaker while you head off on a jolly holiday. With the number of touring caravan hire parks in the UK that allow pets is increasing, in addition to pet-friendly hotels and park homes. You are sure to find somewhere with plenty to do and see, that also considers Fido a fast and welcome friend.

Cost-Effective Holidays

Brits Staycations

With Brexit looming in the future and the strength of the pound on the wobble, it’s no longer a cheaper option to holiday abroad. With the pound, euro and dollar almost going 1:1, it’s not a viable or affordable option to venture abroad for many families.  Not only does this give a boost to the local economy, plenty of popular British holiday locations are filled with family owned and independent businesses that can greatly benefit from families flocking to their area.

Delicious Delicacies

The food available across the United Kingdom just can’t be beat, with an eclectic mix of different cultures and influences taken from all over the world. You can be sure to find somewhere that will make you go mmm. Sample fresh fish and chips at the classic British seaside, tuck into an exciting Tikka Masala or start your day the right way, with an energy boosting Full English Breakfast.

Fish and Chips London

If you’ve been considering where you will take your holiday this year, why not consider the United Kingdom? If it’s good enough for the fussy locals, then it’s sure to delight holidaymakers from across the world and the Brits look forward to welcoming excited tourists to educate and share their local customs and heritage!

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