How To Plan The Perfect Getaway to Bol, Croatia

Zlatni Rat Beach Bol Croatia

How To Spend A Perfect Weekend Visiting Bol, Croatia

The town of Bol on the island of Brač in Croatia is famous for its Zlatni Rat beach, which is the main reason most people visit this place. It is a perfect way to soak in that Mediterranean sun and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. However you should know that the town itself is worthy of a visit too as it gives out a genuine Mediterranean vibe with its stone houses and excellent restaurants (the seafood here is absolutely phenomenal). If you want to get away from it all and just relax in an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere, Bol Croatia is the perfect place to spend a weekend.  Here’s our recommendation of the best things to do on a visit to Bol.

Zlatni Rat Beach Bol Croatia

Day 1 Itinerary for Bol Croatia

Getting There
The chances are you are going to get to Bol by going through Split, the second largest city in the country. Brač itself has a small airport, but flights from only a handful of countries land there. Still, it may be worth it to check if there’s something that would get you to your destination directly.

Start your day in Split
If you can’t find anything, the city of Split also has a lot to offer. That does not include the city suburbs which are… well, they’re not exactly Beverly Hills, let’s put it like that. However, as you get to the city centre things get better and better, and at the heart of it all is a 1700-year-old Roman palace built by emperor Diocletian. It is a fascinating place to visit because people still live there, and over the years it has become an amalgamation of various architectural styles and today, the city’s cathedral is located there.

Split Coratia by Paul Arps

Take a Catamaran to Bol
Very conveniently, the port is very close by, so you can grab your tickets to Bol (or simply book them online, like reasonable people) and explore the palace at the heart of Split before you board. There are loads of cafe bars, which people here love so much that some might call it unhealthy, and plenty of restaurants, so you can relax and enjoy. Just drop your luggage off first at a kiosk which offers that particular service – you don’t want to carry that around like a mule with you while exploring, primarily because of how hot it gets here in summer. You’re here to enjoy, not sweat.

Split Croatia

A word of warning when buying your tickets. Ferries DO NOT go directly to Bol – you’ll need a catamaran for that. Fortunately, there should be plenty of choices, plus you can get refreshments aboard, albeit at a significantly higher price than in the local supermarkets. British tourists don’t seem to mind. They are more than happy to try Croatian beer this way, you should be able to recognize them fairly easily by the cans on their table and generally good mood.
If you have a car with you then you’ll need a ferry, so get tickets for the one that goes to Supetar. It’s a short trip by ferry, but you will have to set aside about half an hour more to get to Bol. That being said, it seems like a better idea to go by catamaran and then rent out a car in Bol for the few days you’ll be there (you’ll see why later).

Check in and get to know Bol
When you disembark the catamaran, you’ll see people enjoying themselves on a beach right next to the port. That should give you an idea what to expect here – clear sea and a completely chilled out atmosphere. Now, supposing that you’ve arrived in Bol in the afternoon (after spending the morning in Split), the best course of action is to find your accommodation and check in. Freshen up and relax a bit, but you can leave a trip to Zlatni Rat for tomorrow morning because the beach is outside of town. Sure, you can get there if you really want (we’ll cover the transport options in just a bit), but Bol is absolutely beautiful at night, so grabbing dinner on a terrace of one of the fantastic restaurants around here is something truly special. Don’t rush things, leave the beach for the next day and save your energy for a relaxed night out and serious enjoyment.

Bol Croatia

Enjoy the local nightlife
As soon as you step outside in the evening, you’ll understand why this little town is so popular in Croatia. The stone houses all around you are excellently kept, with loads of greenery and subtle lighting. It really gets you in the mood immediately as the sun sets. As you walk around you will see loads of bars and restaurants, but for something really special find a place with a live musician playing something smooth on their piano or violin. How’s that for a romantic evening? Your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband will love you for bringing them here (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). So, find a nice restaurant, and then grab a cocktail or two in some of the nearby bars. Heck, you can dance the night away easily if you have the energy. Once you’re done having fun, though, go back to the hotel and get a good night’s sleep for day two.

Day 2 Time to hit the beach

This is what you’ve been waiting for – it’s time to hit the most famous beach in the Adriatic! But getting there is quite an experience too because you can hop on a boat that connects Bol with Zlatni Rat or hop on a tourist “train” (it looks like a train but it’s actually a road vehicle) that will take you to the beach. A good idea is to combine the two (you take one to the beach and the other back to Bol) so that you get two unique perspectives of this part of the island. Both modes of transport run whole day till about 7 PM and cost just a few euros, so it really pays to invest in an experience like this. Naturally, you can also walk (Zlatni Rat is about 2 kilometres from Bol) because there is a beautiful trail surrounded by pine trees that will take you directly to the beach, or you can rent out a car or even get a taxi.

Beach in Bol, Croatia by Gravitat-Off

Either way, once you get there, find a place on the beach, put on your sunscreen and enjoy. You will notice that this is not a sand but a gravel beach, but nevertheless it is amazingly beautiful. The sea is crystal clear (in case we haven’t emphasized that enough already), but when you get in, swim out a bit and look at the hills and the trees surrounding it, you will get an overwhelming sense of peace. Here you are, on an amazing beach, but fairly detached from civilization. In high season, you will see yachts and other interesting boats anchored fairly close to the coast, so feel free to swim closer and get a better look.

The beach also has a lot of other things to offer except from sea and sunshine. You have all kinds of facilities around here, from snack bars and cocktail bars to massage parlours, so you can spend the whole day there procrastinating. You will also notice a very interesting cocktail bar in the background. This is where you should come this evening for a crazy night out – Saturday nights can get especially wild, but more on that later. Another thing you will notice when you get to the beach is a pretty big aquapark with all kinds fun obstacles and things to enjoy. It’s essentially an inflatable playground for kids and teenagers, but there’s no shame in admitting you want a go, too. Go right ahead, it’s your vacation after all.

Zlatni Rat Beach Bol by Yareeh

So, you have loads of things to do, beautiful nature to enjoy and quite possible several fancy boats to feast your eyes on. However, Zlatni Rat also has a peculiarity that makes it stand out from other beaches. You see, due to its position and shape, it is quite exposed to wind and tides. These elements can actually change the beach’s shape, especially during stormy weather (google some pictures of the phenomenon, you’ll be amazed). This is particularly the case with Zlatni Rat’s tip which can point to one side in the morning and the other in the afternoon. So, when you’re picking your place on the beach, make sure your stuff is at a safe distance from the sea, otherwise the waves could pull them in. This is not something that happens unexpectedly or violently (unless the weather is really terrible), but it is a feature of the beach really worth keeping in mind.

Once you’re done soaking up the sun, head back to your accommodation to freshen up, have dinner and get ready for a night out. It would really be a shame not to get back to the beach and enjoy a beautiful summer night there. Remember that the boats and the “train” don’t operate anymore, but taxis can be hired if you don’t have a car. Beach bar Auro is the bar you must’ve noticed during your day on Zlatni Rat and it’s a perfect way to get the night started. Grab a cocktail or two, enjoy the moonlight reflecting off the surface of the sea and get warmed up for the night with the beats of the latest summer hits. After that, though, it’s time to get serious. Just a few minutes’ walk above the beach is the Club 585, a fantastic place for all those looking for a great party. Great DJs, two floors, spectacular lightshows, VIP lounge overlooking all of that… Who would’ve thought that a small town like this has a place like that?! The partygoer in you will LOVE the place, and you are free to dance the night away until 5 AM. Enjoy!

Day 3 Take A Hike

The third day of your visit is a perfect opportunity to go and explore the island. Sunday (presuming that you’re here for the weekend) can be a bit slower day, so if you’re interested in seeing more of Brač rent a car and get going – you won’t be disappointed.

The hill overlooking Bol is a great place to start because this is Vidova gora. It is the highest peak not just on Brač but also on all Adriatic islands. Because of that, you will get a spectacular view from it – Zlatni Rat will be right below you, but you can also see all the way back to the coast and over to the island of Hvar from here. A great place to get a breath of fresh air, plus you can get by car all the way to the top, so the climb is effortless. It’s a fantastic place for a picnic if you’re fortunate enough to get a seat at one of the tables up there and you can also explore a small church and the remains of an ancient Illyrian settlement there. This will cure your hangover from last night in a jiffy!

Vidova Gora Bol Croatia by NH53

Once you’re done admiring the view and enjoying your picnic if you decide to have it there, it’s time to start thinking about lunch. Obviously, you can go back to Bol, but we’re exploring the island, remember? Therefore, get into your car and head to the other side of Brač, to Pučišća. It is an absolutely amazing little town with beautiful white stone houses, so a stroll through it will be well worth your time. Enjoy the sun, sit down for a cup of coffee if you still need it and blend in with the locals. You can also find a place to grab something to eat here (fish platters with local white wine are to die for) and just enjoy the whole picturesque scenery around you.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Pučišća, you can head to nearby Supetar or the village of Splitska. The latter is a great choice if you want to enjoy a dip before/after lunch because it has a fantastic beach and plenty of room for everybody. Supetar is the main ferry port on the island, but it too has a variety of high-quality restaurants you can enjoy, so finding a place to eat really shouldn’t be a problem.

Obviously, keep in mind things like the check out time and the time of your catamaran’s arrival to Bol if this is your last day on the island and you’re not going to extend your stay – it’s so easy to lose track of time here. So, once you’re done with everything get back to the car and drop it off back in Bol, say goodbye to your hosts and board the ship for Split. It’s been one fantastic weekend, hasn’t it? But next time do yourself a favor and book at least a week in this magical place. Have a safe trip home or to your next destination!

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