Guide To Diving in Tenerife, One Of The Best Dive Spots In The World

Diving in Tenerife

It makes perfect sense to me that the Canary Island of Tenerife has a reputation around the world as a must-visit location for diving enthusiasts. The volcanic nature of the island makes for some of the most interesting drifts and dives, and the location means a huge variety of wildlife to hope to catch a glimpse of.

Diving in Tenerife

A natural consequence of Tenerife’s popularity with divers is its plethora of diving schools offering instruction to beginners and improvers, and who run regular organised trips to dive some lesser-known spots around the island – as well as the tourist favourites.

I strongly recommend doing your research when choosing who you book with – ask them what they can offer that others can’t. For example, when they hit the popular locations such as El Condesito, what do they do to make it the best possible experience? Do they leave at the crack of dawn to get there before the crowd? Do they offer a return trip to the same spot for a night dive? Anywhere as popular as this has a range of products on offer in terms of organised dives – make sure you get the right one for you.

To give you an idea of what you need to consider, have a read of our guide. This is just an overview so I’ve popped some ‘further reading’ links at the bottom.

What time of year should I go?

If you’re a beginner hoping literally acclimatise yourself gently to the world of diving, I’d recommend going between June and October. The water is warmer and the diving schools will be in full swing.

If you’re an experienced diver preferring to avoid the crowds, travel outside of these months – you’ll also maximise your chance of seeing some of the rarer wildlife and, of course, flights to Tenerife are cheaper in the winter and spring.

I’m a beginner – where should I start?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you want to hit the more well-known diving spots – they are popular for a reason! Here are the top five most popular diving spots in Tenerife:

  1. The shipwreck at El Condesito
  2. Los Arcos (AKA The Arches)
  3. Los Chuchos  (AKA The Rays)
  4. Palm-Mar Cave
  5. El Puertito

I’m feeling adventurous – where can I find the more unique diving experiences in Tenerife?

Tenerife Diving

Flickr by Alistair Young

Once you’ve ticked the popular diving destinations above off your list, have a think about what you want to see the most. Is it black coral? Then head for the 40m mark at Cruz San Miguel. Hoping to spot an Angel shark? Visit Neptune’s Caves in the winter.

The best tip I can give any diver who wants to try something more unusual is to repeat a dive at night. The strange paradox of diving a location which is familiar from the previous day’s swim yet alive with completely different wildlife is truly the kind of dive you can write home about. My tip here is to ask around for somewhere you’ll get to experience the phosphorescent plankton – swimming in this, especially just after sundown, can make for a truly magical experience.

What about equipment?

The cost of hiring and refilling tanks varies between diving centres – another good reason to do thorough research before you book anything.  It’s also important to have the right dive equipment,,  from your mask to your fins, so do your research to make sure you have well-fitting gear.

Where can I find out more?

For more information about other things to do during your trip to Tenerife, have a look at this website’s guide to Tenerife’s Top Ten Sightseeing Attractions.

For more information on registered diving schools, have a look at this online directory of dive sites and, of course, Trip Advisor has lots of useful reviews, tips and insights on Tenerife-based companies.

About The Author:  Sarah Jenkins is a UK-based freelance travel writer who regularly jets out for weekend city breaks across Europe. A sporting enthusiast, Sarah loves diving, often enjoying the waters of Sharm el-Sheikh and Tenerife.

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