Stunning Southeast Asia Resort Destinations To Discover

Palawan South East Asia

Southeast Asia is not So Far: Must-visit Resorts to Discover

At different times of the year, and especially in winter, people feel a lack of sunshine and of bright emotions. What better solution than packing a suitcase with swimwear, hats, flip-flops, and shorts for a week or two off  your dreary routine? Besides, a nice vacation improves health and mental well-being, and it is also a source of inspiration and enthusiasm as you return to your usual life.  There is perhaps no more affordable and dramatic resort destinations than in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Resort Destinations

There are plenty of possibilities for diversion at home in the evenings or on weekends. One may invite friends for a party, or join now the real money gambling sites to explore online gambling, or simply read a favorite book. These are short-term ways of distraction, while a holiday in a resort will bring so many impressions and emotions which will be sufficient to brighten your mood for several months.

Considering a vacation in Southeast Asia, a traveler shall think about the cost or transport connection with the destination. Such aspects as safety, weather conditions, the level of local people life, as well as sightseeing spots.

Southeast Asia’s Top 7 Resort Destinations to be Discovered

Palawan is not only one of the most picturesque islands of the Philippines, but it is also the safest one as there are no volcanoes on it. The flora and fauna of Palawan are unique. Travelers can enjoy the charm of white beaches, jungles, mangrove forests, caves and lagoons with azure waters. In summer and autumn, there is a rainy season, while April is the sunniest month.

Palawan South East Asia

Goa in India is one of the most acknowledged in the world. It may impress with the most beautiful beaches, developed infrastructure and luxurious hotels of its Southern part. In the meantime, the Northern part is for the youth, parties, and drive. October is the month when the best season after the rainy period begins.

Goa India

Kerala is one more resort area of India. Travelers may arrive in January or February to enjoy the sunniest days, along with calm relaxation and tranquil ambient. This is the best resort to distract mind and thoughts, as well as to relax in full.

Kerala House Boat

Mũi Né in Vietnam used to be a small village of fishermen which has lately become an acknowledged resort. Due to the wind, the sea is not calm, thus, this is not the destination for travelers with kids. Mũi Né can be chosen by kiters and windsurfers. The sea is the warmest in November, but later in winter, it is chill, and the waves are high.

Mui Ne sand dunes

Hoi An located in the center of Vietnam is the resort where travelers will not only enjoy paradise beaches but also is the spot of cultural entertainment. Precolonial trends along with European and Chinese ones will impress even the most experienced tourists. Diving is one more activity of Hoi An. Most of the sun can be enjoyed in February.

Hoi Vietnam

Koh Lanta in the south of Thailand is the best spot for those who are looking for solitude, privacy, romantic mood, and picturesque views. The old city of Lanta, endless line of beaches, old gypsy settlements on piles, and mangrove forests – what else can be needed?

Koh Lanta cc by Johnk996

The island of Coron located not far from Palawan is unique for being a preservation area which belongs to local inhabitants. Only a small part of it is available for tourists who can discover unique and untouched nature.

Coron South East Asia

The world is diverse, and luckily, Southeast Asia is open to those who are ready to explore it. There is no need to spend one more week off on a couch. All these resort destinations can be your bit of paradise, while remaining reasonably priced as the most luxurious resorts and islands.


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