Try Small Ship Cruising For Big Adventures

Why Try Small Ship Cruising

Small ship, big adventure: Why a small ship cruise might be right for you

Whether you are planning your 10th, or first ever cruise, you might be wondering what type of cruise may better suits you and your travel companions. For anyone looking for a more personalised travel experience with the opportunity to visit and explore some of the most breathtaking and remote islands with minimal crowds, then a small ship cruise might be the best option for you.

Top Reasons To Choose Small Ship Cruising

Be Treated Like a VIP

When comparing the experience you get when opting for a conventional large cruise ship vacation, you will quickly realise that you get much more personalised service on a small cruise ship. Small ships often host 20-50 people, whereas large cruise ships will have thousands of passengers on board – not to forget hundreds of crew members, too. This means that you will benefit from not having to deal with large crowds and have the advantage of hand picked activities and entertainment to suit you and the rest of your group.

The smaller number of passengers also means that the crew and staff are able to offer you unrivalled service and cater to your individual needs. With so much attention available, you’ll quickly feel like a VIP and the staff will soon know you on a first name basis and more importantly, how you like your favourite drinks.

Small Ship Cruising Advantages

Avoid Crowds

When you dock at a port, there won’t be a mad dash to get off the boat and onto the shore. This small factor can have a massive difference to your ship adventure by saving time that can be better spent exploring (or relaxing).

Getting on and off a large cruise ship can often be quite tedious, from trying to get off the ship in a timely manner to queuing for ferries to shuttle you to and from the island, to lining up for large bus tours. You don’t have to worry about wasting time at airports or getting on and off trains either, as your hotel on wheels is always ready and waiting to take you to your next place.

Enhanced space and comfort

Small Ship Cruising Cabins

Ironically, small ships offer larger cabins than those of a large cruise ship. This is because large cruise ship companies often work on volume – the more rooms, the more guests they can host. The best way to compare this factor is the difference between staying in a boutique inn vs. a large chain-brand hotel. Bespoke B&B inns are heavily focussed on providing great customer service and going above and beyond to cater to your needs, and small cruise ships also employ this vision.

With fewer guests on board, noise will be minimal as well and you will experience a much more relaxed experience.

Access to unrivalled itineraries

Small ship cruises have a distinct advantage when it comes to providing guests with direct access. One of the main benefits of opting for a small ship adventure is that they can drop anchor at small and more remote islands, giving them access to a wider variety of destinations as they are able to dock in places that larger ships cannot.

Small Ship Cruise Amazon River

What’s more, you won’t have to waste time being ferried from the island back to your cruise ship – you can simply walk off your ship and straight onto land. Having the option to get on and off the ship as you please means you can return to the ship throughout the day, should you want to drop off shopping, take an afternoon nap, or need to go back for the sun cream you forgot.

Unrivalled cuisine

Small ship cruises serve wholesome, local cuisine which is prepared with care by a small team of chefs who really know the region’s food. In comparison, a large cruise ship will have to prepare food for thousands of passengers, so the quality will be compromised due to the volume of food needed to be prepared to cater for all their guests.

Small Ship Cruising Advantages

As the chefs have less guests to prepare for, getting your favourite omelete at breakfast will be no hassle and the overall dining experience will be a lot more relaxed.

Experience the benefits of island-hopping

Small Ship Cruising Excursions

Small ship cruises are the best way to island hop and experience and explore new destinations. Island-hopping will completely transform your holiday experience into an unforgettable getaway by offering a choice of unrivalled routes and destinations. You literally do have the whole world to choose from and whether your ideal holiday includes cultural activities and immersing yourself in the real heart of a country, getting your blood pumping with white-water rafting or observing the world’s most exotic and rare wildlife in its natural environment, a small ship cruise is sure to tick all of your boxes.

About The Author:  Unforgettable Cruises, are leading small ship experts.  Here they run through the main reasons that a small ship cruise might offer the perfect holiday alternative for you and why when it comes to cruises, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

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