Beautiful Ukraine – Sights You Never Knew About

Beautiful Ukraine - Top Sites

Beautiful Sights You Never Knew About in the Ukraine

It is one of the biggest countries in Europe but when it’s not hosting some of the most important soccer games in the world, it struggles to get a lot of visitors. Unfortunately, only a very distressing picture of the country is portrayed to the entire world by major media. It seems they only report on struggles related to political, territorial, and economic difficulties within the country, rather than its cultural history and beautiful sights.

Beautiful Ukraine - Top Sites

If we put aside the political disturbance, the country itself is very welcoming and full of splendid tourist spots. While the country may be struggling to find its identity amongst the European and Russian influences, the best thing is that it offers rich traditions from both sides.  So keep an eye on news of the area, and when political upheaval has diminished, take advantage of the beautiful sights in Ukraine.

It has some wonderful sights and cultural beauty which will make your trip worthwhile. Let us tell you about the wonderful places to visit in Ukraine and the exciting things to do as they will make you forget even the best Atlanta attractions. The top cities which you must visit include:


Lviv Opera House, Ukraine
Flickr By: Ferad Zyulkyarov

When one talks about Ukraine, it is impossible to miss Lviv. It is considered to be the cultural capital of the country and its architecture is heavily influenced by the west. It also has a UNESCO-protected old town where you can find some of the most interesting artifacts from the past. The streets are narrow and there are magnificent churches. The charming atmosphere and the museum will take you back into time and give you a very nostalgic feeling.

The best part is that you can visit here any time of the year so it is not limited by any season. The local restaurants or pubs are also a delight because you’ll not find better food or drinks in any part of Ukraine than here.


If you visit Ukraine during the summer months, this place is definitely going to be the highlight of your trip. It holds immense importance in the history of the country, especially when it was under Soviet control. They made it the powerhouse of industrial and academic development, so that gives a lot of room to exploration while being here.

Ukraine Top Sites
Flickr by: Adam Jones

This city used to be the capital of the country but is now the second most important city. It is mostly home to the students because of the best universities in the country. This younger population also play a huge role in running the food and bar business in the city. If you are done with seeing the ancient sights, this place can be a fun relief for you.

The cost is never a problem since the eateries and the pubs are already targeting the students. Despite being so different from the rest of the country, you can still find a couple of historic sights right here. It won’t be a bad idea to just give them a quick look as you plan to leave the country.

The building of Derzhprom will give you nothing but thrills as it is such a spectacular and a foundational piece of Soviet architecture. While the city carries such architectural and historical heritage, it also has the best metro stations in the country that carry a futuristic design. If you are a coffee lover, you are going to enjoy the fresh coffee shots from the trucks at only 50 cents each.


This city has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment but there is no matching the picturesque sights which you are going to enjoy here. There are old buildings which boost a very appealing architecture but the highlight is the castle which stands atop the hill. It used to be a fortress in the kingdom of Hungary but now, it has become an integral tourist attraction in this place.

Mukacheve Town Hall Ukraine
Alex Zelenko, Wikimedia Commons

The Latorica River runs throughout the city where people can swim and even go fishing. This might be a great chance for you to incorporate a fishing spree right within your trip and enjoy live cooking with your travel buddies. The final touch to your meal will be delivered by a hearty dessert and a cup of coffee from a nearby coffee shop.


Capital of the country, this city carries with itself a rich history of the area. Apart from the eclectic architecture, it is also quite a progressive part of the country and you can see people leading a very fast-paced life in the city. In Eastern Europe, Kiev has significant importance and this is mainly because of the two UNESCO world heritage sites including the St. Sophia Cathedral and Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

Kiev Ukraine

This city will not just provide you with ancient sights to look at but will also let you enjoy the experiences of any big city. You can think of watching a local play or check out the various shopping options. Even the food is going to offer a lot of variety and this is your time to try some of the roadside snacks. You must not forget to eat the most authentic roadside treat called Perepichka which is a fried bun with a sausage inside it.


The vibrant cities and the ancient castles are worthy sights which will make you fall in love with the country. It has everything to offer to everyone from a diversity of landscapes to the stunning countryside. Moreover, visiting the country will not even cost you an arm and leg. So, you can easily plan a lavish trip, enjoy the scenic beauty, and still save a handsome amount of money by the time the trip comes to an end.

Ukraine might not be anyone’s first choice to make a trip but once you go there, you find that all the time and effort was worth it. It lets you explore the Russian touch which the country still possesses while getting European feel of the place. The place can prove to be a perfect spot for the newly married couples as they get to enjoy the beautiful wonders of nature together.

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