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Magellans Cross Cebu

A Quick Guide to A One Day Tour in Cebu City

Cebu City View From Temple

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Cebu city, the very first ASEAN City of Culture, can be discovered in a day…and this post tells you what you need to know about touring the city of Cebu in less than 10 hours.

A preferred tourist destination in the Philippines is Cebu, an island at the heart of this archipelagic country. Moreover, even Filipinos from various provinces of the country seek to visit this beautiful island – it has a city that is wealthy in history and nature.  If you are here for business or for a brief vacation in this city, you’ll want to know important tips as you go for a Cebu City tour.

Heritage Monument Cebu

Top things you ought to be informed about in this one day tour of Cebu City.

1. The Historical Spots

2. Other Tourist Attractions

3. Your Attire and Things to Bring

1. Historical Spots

Cebu city is seat for happenings in the country with significant historical value.

First off, it is where the first Christian colonizers and missionaries landed on, thus housed the first Christian converts. Consequently, religious material and relic, such as the first Cross and “Sto. Niño” (Child Jesus) were preserved in Cebu city. Tourists flock in the Magellan’s Cross and the Basilica del Sto. Niño to get a glimpse of these things that symbolize Cebuano spirituality.

Basilica of Santo Niño de Cebu

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Second, Cebu city is where the early commercial and trade with foreign businessmen occurred. This is because of its strategic location as an island in the center of the country. Its ports distribute goods from foreign traders to neighboring islands or provinces. Further, the Colon Street, which is the country’s oldest street contains stores from Chinese sellers. This city sells the cheapest things you can buy. If you plan on bringing souvenirs (“pasalubong”) home,., you ought to buy them here.

Magellans Cross Cebu

Also, ancestral homes that feature Spanish and/or Chinese architecture and materials are in Cebu City. Do visit the famed ancestral houses, like the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House and the Jesuit House. While you are at it, have a photo taken at a popular landmark of the area, The Heritage of Cebu Monument, which is across the mentioned ancestral houses.

Finally, there are multitudes of museums, such as Museo Sugbo, Fort San Pedro, and Casa Gorordo which used to be historical places that you can learn from, and take appreciation in.

2. Other Tourist Attractions

Besides the busy mainland Cebu, you can also go to the more rural area of Cebu city which is in the mountains. This is still part of the city tour.

These tourist destinations are in Busay, Cebu. Since it is in the more elevated portion, you could feel the breeze that the lower urbanized city does not offer. Moreover, on top, you have a great perspective of Cebu. You can view the whole magnificent Cebu island on this mountain tour.

Sirao Flower Farm Cebu Philippines

You can head to the top first to the Sirao Flower Garden where multicolors of the flowers make you think you are in the Netherlands. Flowers here are rarely seen in other parts of the country. Thus, both locals and foreigners find this spot interesting.

Then, you can proceed to the famed Temple of Leah, which is magnificent with its Roman inspired structure. Leah is the late wife to Teodorico Adarna, one of Cebu’s tycoons. This becomes a “Taj Mahal of Cebu” where the temple is dedicated to honor Mr. Adarna’s wife.

While going down and returning to the main city, stop by at the Cebu Taoist Temple which is serene and has breathtaking Chinese-inspired structures. Cebu Taoist Temple is the worship place of the few Taoist (mostly) Chinese residents of Cebu.

Taoist Temple Cebu Philippines

3. Your Attire and Things to Bring

Keep in mind that Cebu city is in the tropical region. Do wear something comfortable and appropriate for a hot weather. A cotton shirt and a middle-length short or skirt paired with sandals will be suitable. It is important to note that you are to visit a church and a temple, and churches here have dress codes – just avoid clothes that will bare your upper arm, chest and thighs. In case it is impossible for you to clad up, a sarong or scarf to cover yourself when going to these places can do the trick.

Further, you will be thirsty along the journey because of the temperature. Bring a bottle of water. Also, since it may be really sunny, put on sunblock and wear sunglasses.  Of course, to document this once-in-a-lifetime visit in Cebu, have a camera with you.

Finally, for Cebu city tour, travel light, so you would feel comfortable and enjoy the travel at the utmost.

The Take-Away

Cebu city is an interesting place to tour for a day or more. Expect to learn history and culture. Anticipate to have your breath taken away by the views. And, to enjoy your tour, be prepared with what to wear and bring!


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