TSA Says Yes, You Can Bring Some CBD Medications Through Airport Security

Can I Bring CBD oil and Medical Marijuana Products on an Airplane?

Can You Take CBD Oil through airport security?

This has been a troublesome question for some time now.  But there’s good news for travelers who wish to bring their CBD based medication with them when they fly.  As of June 28, 2019, the TSA has changed the policy on taking CBD hemp oil and FDA approved medications through airport security.  The answer is now yes, you can take some medical CBD products through airport screening stations with “Special Instructions”.

Here’s what you need to know about taking CBD oil and other products through airport security: 

While all marijuana products are still banned and illegal to possess under Federal law, hemp-derived CBD products and FDA approved medications are now allowed to be taken through TSA checkpoints.  It’s always best to check the TSA website for the latest regulations.

So for those of us who have found the medicinal benefits of hemp-based CBD medications, you can now take them through TSA checkpoints.  It’s important to know however, that when you’re traveling on international flights, rules and restrictions may be different in the country you are traveling to, so check their regulations as well just to be sure you are not breaking any restrictions.

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