Why You Need To Add a Travel Mug To Your Packing List

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Travel Mug

Why You Need to Take a Travel Mug on Your Journeys

Were you ever stuck in traffic and got thirsty? You might have wished that your favorite cappuccino should have been by your side to alleviate some of the stress that you are experiencing. The divine mixture of coffee in a mug can be an absolute necessity for so many people. And yet who wants to drink stale coffee?  Take a look at the great reasons to add a travel mug to your next journey whether its your morning commute or on a grand adventure.

Travel Mug

If you are very much like the average person who likes to drink cold cranberry juice or a hot cup of coffee to jumpstart your morning, then you should consider getting a reusable travel mug. You can find more information about these kinds of mugs in this link here. The following are some of the reasons why you need a reusable travel mug in your life.

They are Environment-Friendly

Plastic cups are often tossed away once the drink is all gone. There is no point drinking coffee on disposable cups while driving since they spill. So many people tend to just drink the whole lot of their cappuccino and dispose the cup. Note that no one might want to recycle used styro cups that they find in sidewalks. This is unsustainable to the environment.

If you get a travel mug, you can save 23 pounds of styro cups each year. That is if you frequently find yourself purchasing your favorite brew at Starbucks. Traveler mugs are also handy and they won’t end up in a landfill on the first use.

Your Health is at Risk with Paper Cups

This might sound a little over the top, but this is true. Studies show that the cups have low-density polyethylene resin mixed on them during the manufacturing process. The resin can only withstand the heat of 176° F. Generally, a hot drink can have a constant temperature of 190° F – 200 ° F. This can mean that some of the chemicals in the resin can leak out to the drink without you being aware of it.

You might be at risk with diseases such as reproductive problems, breast cancer, prostate cancer, obesity, and a lot more. The polystyrene or styrofoam used in many shops has styrene. Read more about styrene in this site: https://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/chemistry/organic-chemistry/polystyrene. This is a chemical that is considered carcinogenic.

Disposable Coffee Cups Consume Earth’s Resources

The styro cups and paper cups are not the only ones that get thrown into a dumpsite. Most of the excess products when manufacturing these coffee cups are also thrown as well. The production of a single cup can result in cutting a lot of trees in the process. Aside from getting too much carbon dioxide, as a result, climate change can also get drastically affected because of burning coffee cup wastes.

When it comes to the making of the cups, there are over 10 billion gallons of water used to produce the cups. The clean water production in the United States might be coming to an end. The energy and water required to produce a single cup can be better off in powering more than 50,000 homes for a year.

Save Money

One of the main reasons why a lot of people use travel mugs is to save some nickels or dimes. There are shops that provide discounts to customers who have brought their own cups. A refill can only cost half of the coffee that comes with disposable cups. Saving about $10 a day for a cup of cappuccino can also do wonders for your finances if you do this every day for a year.

The above examples are just some of the reasons why you need a traveling mug. If you got excited and wanted to know the tips on what mugs you should consider buying, then here are some that you should consider.

Between Stainless Steel and Plastic Mugs

There are two kinds of travel mugs: One is made from stainless steel and the other one is made from plastic. Even if stainless steel can initially get a bit expensive, it can be worth it. You can choose more kinds of travel mugs on sites such as OfficialTop5Review.com in order to get an idea of the available options for you. You can keep your coffee hot for a long time with stainless steel mugs compared to plastic ones. There are also mugs made with double wall insulation that can keep cold beverages longer.

You can clean stainless steel mugs more easily compared to the plastic ones. The plastic mugs may also absorb a bit of your beverage. As a result, it can affect the flavor of the other cold or hot drinks that you put in the mug if you use plastic made one.

Choose a mug that can fit the cup holder of your car. This way, you will not have any problems reaching for that needed drink whenever you are on the road. You also have to choose the ones that have wider bottoms because they provide stability. If your car does not have a cup holder, look for non-slip mugs that have wide bottoms so that your beverage is secured while you are on the road.

You should also consider the lids and the snaps. You might want to choose ones that do not come off when you snap the lids open. Choose mugs that have a screw on lids because they will stay intact no matter what happens on the road. There are flaps that you need to snap shut and ones that have sliding designs. Choose the ones where you are most comfortable to prevent spills.

The Bottom Line

Travel mugs are more durable and handier than plastic cups. The reusable mugs are also environmentally friendly. There are a lot of things that you should consider when choosing a mug that can best fit your needs. And when you decide to own a travel mug, you won’t have to run to the local shop every morning. You have the option to make your favorite brew before leaving for work. There are different designs, sizes, and colors when it comes to travel mugs. With a variety of options available for you, you don’t have to worry about coming to work with coffee stains on your shirt. Another advantage is you can get your favorite drink anytime even if you are stuck in traffic.


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