Imaginative Locations For Your Engagement Photoshoot

Unique Engagement Phtoshoot Locations

How to Find Unique Locations for Your Engagement Photoshoot

Unique Engagement Phtoshoot Locations

You know what they say: location, location, location. And it certainly applies to where you’re going to do your engagement photoshoot.

While there are so many details to think about for your wedding, engagement photos are an important first step. Your engagement photos set the tone for your upcoming big day, and they’re a way to introduce you and your partner as a couple. That’s why you want your engagement photo shoot to be sentimental, fun and have a chance to show off your charming diamond ring. It should be meaningful to both of you and give a sneak peek at what your relationship is like.

The location of the engagement photoshoot plays a big part in that. Choose a location that offers a variety of spots to shoot and is a reflection of your personality. Not sure what location is best for you?

Here are five of our favorite unique location ideas:


Do you and your partner love to travel? Show off your adventurous sides by doing your engagement photoshoot on an airplane. Whether you’re holding hands across the aisle, snuggling in the seats or even just standing beside the plane, the air of travel will give your photos a romantic feel.

The airplane will also reflect the honeymoon you’re planning while symbolizing your upcoming take off into the adventure of life together.


Maybe you both love nature and want to show off that part of your personality in the photoshoot. While parks and gardens may be overdone, the mountains offer a unique and breathtaking outdoor option. It’ll also give you a good chance to get to know your photographer better as you hike with them up to the mountain.

There’s no doubt to be endless options in your mountain location. With the mountains as a backdrop and trees and the beauty of nature all around you, your photos are sure to be breathtaking.


For the couple who’s all about having fun and goofing around, the carnival is a great place to do engagement photos. A carnival photoshoot would allow you to show off your playful side and show your guests that you don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’ll also indicate that you want your wedding to be fun and upbeat.

Take photos while playing games together or eating cotton candy. And of course, sitting together on the Ferris wheel can be very romantic.

Sports Stadium

If you and your partner are all about one sports team, then having your engagement photos taken at that team’s stadium may be perfect for you. Show off your team pride and get everyone ready to cheer for you.

Wear your team jerseys or consider having custom ones made with your names on the back or “Bride” and “Groom.” Then take photos from the seats or even right on the field. You’ll show off your love for the game, while also showing your love for each other.


What could better represent your personalities than a photoshoot at the home you share together?  If you’re worried about being in front of the camera, then choosing to shoot in an environment where you already feel comfortable is key. At home, you’ll be able to do the things that feel most natural to you, and your photos will reflect that.

Your wedding is about coming together and celebrating the start of your new life as a married couple – and your home is a big part of that. So highlighting your home in your engagement photo shoot is the perfect way to introduce the next chapter of your life.

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