Amazing Destinations for Adventure in Europe

Europe Paragliding

Amazing Adventure Destinations in Europe

If you are fatigued from a humdrum life and in search of a real adventure, then there is no place better than Europe. This continent fills every ounce of your blood with excitement to challenge the mountains, glaciers, sea, cliffs, and so much more.

Exploration has no boundaries, just like our imagination. Check the wilderness of her boundaries; explore the beauty of mother nature as well as the art and crafts of the continent. Fly high in hot balloons. Fill your travel journal with the adventures you have done all along the way.

Doing adventures never-ever need to put one’s life in difficult or hazardous situations. Well run adventures recreate and rejuvenate the soul and body, conquer the demons of fear and are exhilarating.

Let’s explore the continent and find worthy adventures in it.

1. Horse Riding in Turkey

Turkey Horseback Riding Adventure
ImageSource: HorseXplore

“The land of Beautiful Horse” is the title that this country holds. The Persians gave this name to this eye-sticking land. Moreover, Turkey is well known for the commercial trade of horses to be groomed for race courses like The Derby. This country produces some of the best horses across the globe. Talking about the topography of the region, it has got fabulous ponies mountains.

The steep cut canyons, weirdly shaped rocks are a perfect terrain for investing some risk factor on an adventure riding the horses. Ride across the region which comprises of plateaus canters at the valley floors and explore the regional or local villages.

The rides are not tiring if the rider rides for six hours on the saddle each day. Tipi is the place where every rider rests for some moments, and eat the traditional dinner on kilims, finally rests in the tents.

2. Glacier Hiking in Iceland

Iceland Glacier
Image Source:

Iceland is filled with glaciers. In fact, the rough number of the glaciers in this country is estimated to be 300. Hike in the incredible homeland’s glaciers on your visit here. The adventures on the hike are full of thrills and enjoyment. One of the famous place in Iceland to do a glacier hike is in Skaftafell National Park.

The journey does not end here; the site also delivers a trekking experience which is unforgettable and amazing. The trekking is not exhausting but actually filled with fun. It’s advisable to be under the guidance of a professional guide before starting the glacier trek or hike and with the right equipment.

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3. Skiing, Surfing in France

Adventure Skiing in France
Image Source: Interactive Resorts

France is just not confined to meals and beverages. More than its baguettes and poodles, her incredible natural beauty and charms attract every peer of adventurer to explore the mountains and snow of the region. Explore France

The mountainous Alps provide fabulous skiing adventures in her cold lap. With a wink of an eye, one can change his mood of adventure from uneven terrain to oceanic experiences. Each region of France is built for a different experiences to enjoy.  The daring personalities in La Mediterranee calm the roar of waves. The accessible coastline ranges from Spain to Italy with palm-lined boulevards.

4. Lengthy Treks in the Balkans

Trekking in Slovenia

Image Source:

The trail starts from the place called Via Dinarica comprises cycling as well as walking. The run is of thousand to two thousand kilometres covering Slovenia’s Dinaric Alps to Macedonia in between including the regions of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania.

The adventure can be started by choosing from three options available: a) White Trail – consists of the High Mountains, b) Blue Trail – this is the easy one from the Dalmatian Coast and c) The Green Trail is the most suited for the cycle riders.

Here, a local company known by the name of Green Visions has a pre-built guide to provide you and facilitate the adventure at its most ease and secure way. They start the adventure from White Trail.

5. Glacier Walk, Norway

Glacier Hike Norway
Image Source:

Norway in winter is covered in a white powder of snow. The winds here blow and are a little bit tricky.  Beware of the climatic conditions of the place as there are different conditions in different terrains in the region. So, before beginning the ski or glacier walk, make sure you are fit, or else it will be challenging to cope up with the cold bone piercing winds blowing in the snow.

The memories built here at the Folgefonna Glacier you will cherish. The first trek is a bit exhausting, but it is worth giving a shot. You will be lushed by the greenery of the place plus the snow-covered mountains, strapped clamps accompanied with the wet and moist weather gear.  The glacier walk sits at the top of the list of adventures in this country. Believe me!

6. Hike The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Image Source:

This mountain is 14, 692 feet high sitting in the lap of Mattertal Valley and home to famed ski resort of Zermatt. Finely lined, sheer faces and a climactic rise enhances the charm of the peak in southwestern Switzerland. The best time of summiting the peak is in the months of July, August, and September.

Many adventurers opt for the Matterhorn Express chairlift to Schwarzsee point, from this point a two-hour hike to the Hörnli Hut which is a well-known jumping-off point for climbers.  From here starts the real journey, the climb requires fittest hikers who can win the fourth and fifth class topographical regions, pass a sequence of fixed ropes, covered the spots where the ridge ends at the valley floor.

Stunning and spectacular views are enjoyed at the top.

7. BASE Jumping, Switzerland

Base Jumping Switzerland
Image Source: ActionSportsConnection

The French flyers did a heart halting stunt on a Base jump from the upper notch of the Jungfrau peak in Switzerland. In essence, BASE is an acronym of Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth.

Base jumping is nothing but jumping from the spots which are indeed at extreme heights to expedite the thrill.  So, the sport unquestionably tightly grips your adrenaline throughout the jump from the spot till the landing part.  This can be a dangerous sport and it is important to do with a very experienced sporting company.

Check this video for yourself. You’ll know what is wow feeling!

8. Acrobatic Paragliding, Mt. Blanc, France

Europe Paragliding
ImageSource: Verbier-Summits

We all are familiar with the paragliding sport, then what the hack is Acrobatic Paragliding? For those who do not know or have little idea about the sport, let me bring into the limelight.

Acrobatic Paragliding is a type of paragliding where one can do immensely and highly free fall B-Boying manoeuvres in the air using the paragliders.  The best intimacy of the twitter/pleasure can be felt in the highest peak of Alps, i.e., over Mt. Blanc in France.

The Finish Line

The continent is tremendously beautiful and charming, no matter which country you visit. Every piece of land will leave a mark in your memories throughout life.

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