Debunking The Biggest Myths of Traveling Solo

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Solo Traveler

Solo travel: Debunking the biggest myths of the latest craze

Solo Traveler

Once upon a time travelling alone was almost regarded as being quite sad. Now, it’s the opposite.  In short, the rise of solo travel is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s a craze which has resulted in some companies reshaping their whole business model to accommodate the surging demand – in a move that would have been unheard of several years ago.

Following on from the above, it won’t be a surprise to hear that there are more than a few myths when it comes to travelling alone. Through today’s article, we will now mull over some of the most significant.

“It’s not safe.”

This is the classic argument against solo travel, but in reality, there is little substance behind this first myth. Sure, some countries are less safe than others, but that would apply whether you were travelling alone or part of a group.

In short, you should follow the standard advice that you have probably been following all your life. Choose a reputable hotel chain, in a good area, and make sure you follow basic common sense.

Also, keep your family updated back home about your whereabouts, and just enjoy the ride.

“It’s only for extroverts.”

This is perhaps one of the more interesting myths that do the rounds when it comes to solo travel. A lot of people immediately buy into the notion that it’s only for extroverts when in reality, it’s open for everyone.

In fact, by opting to travel on your own, you immediately have to come out of your shell. You need to speak to people to survive out there, and by the end of your trip, you’ll start to find that you will have developed much more socially and you’ll be more confident than ever before.

“You won’t do as much.”

This next myth is bordering on crazy, as in reality, you will be doing more. Sure, some things might “sound” better if you are travelling with someone – but you tend to have differing opinions and a lot of activities get brushed to the side.

When you travel alone, everything is on your terms. Additionally, the surge in solo travel means that a lot of companies are starting to organise group trips – which means that you can still participate in all of those activities that might need someone to accompany you. Usually, these can be arranged from your hotel or hostel.

“It’s a lonely experience.”

Hopefully, the second myth will have debunked this already. As we have already alluded to, travelling alone tends to bring people out of their shell, and they feel forced to meet people. Even if you are not an utterly sociable person, you’ll find that you start to meet people naturally and this means that loneliness is never a thing.

Of course, some of this depends on you. You do need to stay in hotels that are suitable for solo travel (such as ones that offer group activities and so on), but to generalise that you will be lonely is a pure fabrication.

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