Cost-Saving Guide for Family School Holiday Travel

cost saving holiday guide

The Cost-Saving Guide to School Holiday Travel

There was once a time where you could travel at any point in the year and not bat an eyelid. Then, parenthood came, and everything changed.

cost saving holiday guide

As the media are not afraid to tell us, if you are planning to travel during a school holiday you need to brace yourself for some ridiculously inflated fees. The once completely affordable holiday becomes the exact opposite – and this might be one of the reasons why staycations are now becoming more common.

However, if you think outside the box when it comes to this type of holiday, you can find ways to save. This is going to be the focus of today’s article, as we take a look at some simple tips you can implement if you are looking to slash the cost of your getaway during term time.

Some destinations are out of the picture

Like it or not, some destinations are just more popular than others when it comes to the school holidays. Classic beach destinations usually fall into this category and the prices for these tend to shoot up very quickly.

It means that you sometimes have to compromise somewhat. This might mean opting for a destination like Croatia; which still has the beach-factor, but probably isn’t the top choice amongst parents. Taking a look at this guide from Classic Collection may perhaps reveal more on why destinations like this tend to be really smart choices when it comes to school holidays.

Be shrewd with your dates

Sometimes, this is going to be difficult. However, if you can, it can sometimes pay to be a bit more flexible with the dates you are choosing to travel.

This might mean heading out a day before school has broken up for the term. Granted, you will have to seek permission from the headmaster, but this is something that can save you significant sums of money as you aren’t strictly traveling during a school holiday.

Sometimes, it’s about the airport

As ridiculous as it might sound, it sometimes comes down to your choice of airport. For example, if you happen to be based in the UK, school holidays in English schools tend to run slightly differently when compared to those in Scotland. It means that if you are happy to jump in the car and travel North, you might be able to save a pretty penny. This is again because the school holiday falls at slightly different week.

Of course, the time and expense needed to get to Scotland needs to be considered, but for long-haul flights it can sometimes be worthwhile.

It’s not always about the no-frills airlines

In some ways, no-frills airlines have changed the way we travel. They have become the go-to method as most of us take to the skies – but it doesn’t always have to be like this.

Sure, on most occasions these budget carriers are going to be significantly cheaper than anyone else flying to your chosen destination. Let’s not forget that school holidays are the period where their profits soar as well though – and they sometimes take more advantage than they should.

In other words, as everyone is busy heading off to the budget airline websites, have a quick look at a more premium offering. You might just drop lucky and find that their demand isn’t quite as high – and there is a relative bargain to be had.

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