7 Cool Travel Gadgets That Are Hot This Summer

Cool Travel Gadgets That Are Hot For Summer 2019

Summer makes you think of tropical paradise and dreamy vacation. Strike while the sun is up and the weather warm, so they say.  When you are in a new place, you leave your cares at home. But it is always nice to have a semblance of comfort and convenience anywhere you go. Enter, gadgets for smart travels.

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Call them accessories, tools, or devices, but they’re simply things that make your life easier while traveling and doing what you love and creating lasting experiences with your hat or parasol in tow. These gadgets can take traveling to the next best level for summer and the whole year round.

Waterproof Camera

Mobile photography is the trend, but going back to basics with point-and-shoot cameras has its perks. There are waterproof cameras built for the weather, outdoor and under sea exploration. Depending on the specs, you can capture decent stills and videos while hiking and exploring.

Waterproof cameras, often called rugged, are made for the beach with some models taking you 30 meters deep. A few of these cameras have Wi-Fi connectivity so that it’s easy to upload and share moments.

USB-C Multiport Hub

Expand the powers of your MacBook by connecting several devices through a docking station. You can access your files, videos, and photos in one go.

What’s good about a multiport hub? It is lightweight, compact, and practical with multiple uses. This USB-C to HDMI hub is an example. It offers at least three USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet input, and memory card readers. Back home, you can use the hub’s HDMI output to display your trip’s captures straight from your laptop.

Microfiber Towel

A microfiber travel towel is a versatile piece and a favorite among light travelers. Some have praised the synthetic fiber’s absorption, softness, and water-repellent capabilities. You can take one with you for camping, backpacking, swimming, or simply wiping the sweat off your face. The towel is often quick to dry and easy to store, so it won’t pose much of a problem when you are always on the go.

Power Bank

Your phone is your lifeline when traveling. You can use it to book rides, order food, make reservations, and use the map if you wander far from the busy streets.

Travel Power Banks

The lack of readily available charging stations makes a case for power banks. There are plenty of portable chargers out there, packing a lot of features. With so many of them, you can focus on the number of ports, battery capacity, compatibility with devices, and weight.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Travel Head Phones

Not all headphones are created equal; some do a better job of letting you hear the audio track with little to no background noise. This feature makes noise-canceling headphones a worthy travel buddy when you are aboard the plane, on a train, or anywhere that’s full of unwanted noise and chatter. They can be wired or wireless with some specially designed for traveling. The relaxation it brings may cancel the cost of these headphones, which is higher than that of the regular ones.

Bluetooth Speakers 

Good music is best when shared. But you can’t carry around your home theater system in all your adventures. A Bluetooth speaker can keep you and your friends company for endless escapades. Portable speakers can boast of excellent sound quality for any indoor or outdoor party.

Travel Bluetooth Speakers

Connecting the speaker to your laptop via Bluetooth can provide a movie experience. They are also battery powered and can last for hours, depending on use. Indeed, the battery life, along with portability and resistance to elements, are major deciding factors for a speaker of this kind.

Travel Pillow

This item, together with the towel, is not exactly an electronic device, but a travel pillow is becoming an indispensable accessory for the modern-day traveler. Having a soft pillow promises you a good sleep or nap, but not all pillows provide comfort.

You can start with an ergonomic design for your neck, back, and shoulder. Then you can look into the ease of carrying and packing the pillow. To appeal to your sense of aesthetics, you can check neck pillows in various colors and designs.

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