Why A Mac is Made For Travel

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Mac Computers For Travel

Why Mac Computers Are Great For Travel

Traveling is more than an experience that broadens your mind. It’s also an opportunity, an opportunity to write down your thoughts and feelings and get them on paper. A chance to document one of the most influential times in your life. An opening that might help you to turn a passion into a career and get paid.

Mac Computers For Travel

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Without the right equipment, there is no way you’ll find the experience a healthy one. And, you don’t want to spend time yelling at the screen and cursing technology. For that reason, a Mac is the only option for would-be travelers, and here’s why. You can also connect to Windows using your Mac with the help of cloud technologies like Azure WVD and Desktop as a Service.

Hostel WiFi Is Terrible

Data isn’t available abroad, so you’ll have to rely on WiFi. Usually, it’s not very reliable and the download and surfing speeds aren’t high. Trying to write a 500-word post that should only take thirty minutes yet takes an hour is excruciating. If the connection is volatile, you’ll give up to regularly updating your blog and it won’t get any play. It’s essential to know how to speed up internet while abroad, and a Mac can help. By tweaking network settings and reducing interference from other appliances, surfing should be seamless.

Travelers Love Apple

Travelers love Apple products almost as much as the “freelancers” you see in Starbucks showing off their latest equipment. Still, it’s not a fashion show, so why does this matter? It’s because they will be able to help if something goes wrong. When your equipment suffers a glitch in a foreign country, it’s not as if you can take it to the store and get it fixed. Thankfully, there might be a tech nerd who can troubleshoot the problems. Also, theft isn’t rare in hostels and other travelers will have spares you can borrow until you find a replacement.

It’s Traceable

People will take your stuff without a second glance, which is why you need a backup plan. Apple has the perfect one already installed on your Mac – the “Find My Mac” app. A lot like the “Find My iPhone” software, it tracks your device when you’re not sure where it is or if you think it has been stolen. Sure, it needs an internet connection to relay the location, but that’s more than likely going to happen. Not many people take a laptop only to keep it turned off and hidden away. To ensure you’ve got the software switched on, log into the iCloud and press the “Find My Mac” button.

Macs Are Sleek

The aesthetics of your laptop might not mean a great deal. Yes, it’s nice to look at, but you care about how it performs. At home, your focus should be on the diagnostics as they are essential. Abroad, the size, shape and finish of your device come into play more because it’s always in transit. A Mac, unlike other laptops, is easy to pack and fits comfortably into travel bags and overhead lockers. So, you can keep it by your side and prevent it from getting lost or broken in a plane, train and bus holds.

What device do you use on your travels? Are you an Apple person?


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