Where To Party Like a Rock Star at Europe’s Top Party Destinations

Best Party Spots in Europe

Europe’s Top Party Destinations

The summertime is perhaps the most anticipated time of the year because it is when schools are out of session, people often take vacations from work and this often is an avenue for people to travel, shop and of course, party. In fact, the summer party scene is one of the most profitable aspects of the tourism industry and sees people travel from far and near to get a piece of the action. While summer parties can take place anywhere from the beach to backyards, there are certain destinations in the world that are famous for their summer party scene and every year attracts thousands of people for this reason.

Best Party Spots in Europe

If you’re looking to travel to a summer destination within Europe to get in on the party action, there are a few places you should consider above all else.  Here’s where everyone goes to find all the great party action is in Europe.

Ibiza in Spain:

Ibiza has been famous for a while now as one of the go-to destinations within Europe for all-night parties.  Ibiza is also known for their beaches as well,  so its no surprise that their beach-side nightclubs attract some of the best-known DJs in the world. Should you decide to visit, make sure to book a room at some of their famous hotels which often have in-house DJ’s and nightly parties that are sure to keep you on your toes. While there, make sure to explore the town of Ibiza as well, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Visit some of its famous beaches that host music festivals raids and other.

Mykonos in Greece: 

Greece is an interesting country in that it has a wide variety of places to visit depending on your mood.   Places like Santorini are more laid-back and have a romantic feel to them which often attracts retirees, people on honeymoon and people with families.  However, if you are looking to party in Greece, head right to Mykonos, which is known for not only its Caldera views, but also for its many beachfront host parties that last sometimes all day. Should you choose to visit Mykonos, opt for Adorno Suites a Mykonos hotel on the beach. By doing this you can enjoy not only the hotel stay but also have access to many poolside parties and also get to visit the beach while you’re at it.

Barcelona in Spain:

While places like Ibiza and Mykonos are known for their beach parties, Barcelona is most famous for its bubbling nightclub scene as well as its various restaurants and so on.  Barcelona is a perfect blend in that it has a lot of architecture, culture, and museums that one can enjoy as well as a nightlife so one can go from day-to-night and it is also a suitable destination if you are coming with a group of people that are they vary in age.  For the perfect balanced European Vacation, opt for Barcelona.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands:

Amsterdam is home to many world famous nightclubs and raves that have attracted partygoers from around the world for years.  Should you want to experience an authentic European party, then Amsterdam is definitely a place to go. Choose an accommodation in the heart of the city to get access to the best nightclubs and save some energy to sightsee during the day.


Europe is certainly reputable for its party scene as there are so many options across different countries. Follow the guide above to choose the best party destination for you.


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