Essential Tips For Traveling to Makkah for Umrah

Mecca Travel Tips


Mecca Travel Tips

The place also reminds us of our duties towards those people which we left behind us to perform Umrah. However, according to the values of Islam, a person who is planning to go for Umrah or Hajj should have to be free from all of his/her liabilities and as well as he/she should have to clear all due amount before heading to the spiritual journey.

Also, you have to write a “Will,” before you leave; it is also restricted by Islam to leave any Umrah and Hajj conditions. Although, there are many other conditions and facts you need to know before leaving to the Makkah for Umrah which is mention below so that every pilgrimage can understand it and write it down for their next visit for Umrah.

It is always better to stay prepared and mark up anything you need at the time of Umrah, whereas, before heading towards the facts of travelling to the Makkah, London Hajj and Umrah would like to show you things which you need to complete your Umrah.

23 Important Items You Must Have It While Performing Umrah:

  1. A scent-free towel,
  2. Ihram,
  3. An Umbrella,
  4. Toothpaste, toothbrush, or even mouth wash if necessary,
  5. Pair of Sleepers,
  6. Some packs of dry fruits or biscuits,
  7. Scent free Shampoo and Soap,
  8. Try to pack a packet of tissue roll for emergency use,
  9. Pack your basic pills prescribed by Doctor,
  10. An alarm clock is important,
  11. Scent free hand and face washing soap,
  12. Scent free detergent for washing cloth,
  13. If you are caffeine addicted, then pack one or just 2 cups or glasses,
  14. Nail cutter,
  15. Few pairs of socks,
  16. Scissors,
  17. A small kind of knife or sharp item for cutting fruits (make sure to put it inside your major luggage and not in the hand carry),
  18. A prayer mat (it should be lightweight and thin in design so that you can easily put it inside your bags),
  19. Camera and enough batteries (extra batteries would be good as a precaution),
  20. Try to keep packed juices in your bag, (however, they are available at the point but still having your own will be better).
  21. Scent free cold cream or face cream or even Petroleum Jelly, sometimes it helps you to keep your skin fresh and safe from sudden hot conditions.,
  22. A Travel Iron,
  23. Water heater and Tea Bags for making tea.

Facts You Should Know Before Travelling For Umrah:

So, here are those facts which you need to know before reaching to that Holy place. When a person is leaving for Umrah or Hajj for the first time, he/she should understand all the basic facts which they can face in the middle of their journey.

  • Fragrance Is Forbidden To Perform Umrah or Hajj:

It is forbidden in Islam to apply any fragrance before leaving to Umrah or Hajj. You don’t need to apply or use any fragrance; this is unacceptable in the rules of Umrah/Hajj by Islam. A person should be “scent-free” while he/she is leaving to the Makkah for Umrah.

So, if you are planning for going to perform Umrah, you should be “scent-free” in all conditions. You need to use special items for your hygiene, such as:

  • Scent-free soap,
  • Scent-free Ihram,
  • Scent-free Bags, and other items.
  • Take These Things With You. Otherwise, You Will Not Go To The Makkah:

So, here are the things which you need the most for travelling to the Makkah for Umrah:

  • Your Passport,
  • Your Airline Ticket,
  • Your Identity Card,
  • Transport Vouchers or tickets,
  • Hotel Vouchers.

However, you need to give some flexibility towards the departure schedule as it is not always possible to take off flights on time, some unforeseen circumstances can happen at any time which causes a delay in the flight.

All the flights will directly go to the Jeddah airport and pass the meeqat before they are reaching to the land in Jeddah. Hence, you must be in the form of Ihram at the landing moment to Jeddah airport.

  • Patience Is The Only Key To Get Succeeded In Umrah:

Of course! As the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said many verses about “Patience.” You must have some patience for performing Umrah; there must be something unusual situations occur at the Holy place of Makkah which can make you angry, so try to stay calm and be patient while performing your Umrah successfully.

You need to develop more humility and as well as the highest level of patience. Try not to yell once you reach the place; don’t behave overly demanding or even rude with anyone.

  • Money Matters:

Well, yes, money matters in all situations, so to the travelers, make sure to not keep “cheques” or checkbook with you while travelling to the Makkah for Umrah, cash would be the only way left for you to keep to avoid any inconvenience.

So, try to keep as much cash as you can instead of cheques or cheque book. Always take a cash amount with you that would be easy for you to exchange it right there.

  • Say Bye-Bye To Your Passport:

Once you reach your destination place of Jeddah to perform Umrah, your passport will be immediately taken from you just before at the time of boarding in Jeddah or even though, at Madinah airport. However, you will get your passport back to you at the time of returning to the Jeddah airport when your flight might be ready to take you back to your home country.

  • Dollars Would Be The Best Currency For You:

It is better to carry US dollars with you as this is the most useful currency which can easily be exchanged into the Riyals in the city of Saudi Arabia. So, you must take some larger bills of US dollars or even pounds with you for about 50 to 100, or more than that to easily convert into Riyals at the time of need.

  • Leave Your Home Early For The Airport:

Of course, no one wants to be late, especially at airports. So, you must try to leave your home as soon as possible so that you can manage all things perfectly at the boarding time at the Airport. As we know that Airport things always take time, so it will be really good for you to reach the airport before 3 to 4 hours of your actual flight time so that you can cover all things conveniently.


Umrah or Hajj is the basic act which should be performed by every Muslim in the world who can afford. According to Islam, a Muslim should perform Hajj/Umrah on its adult age; it would be better for the person to perform every act easily and more conveniently.

However, when you are travelling for the first time to the Makkah for Umrah, you should have to be prepared to face any situation, that’s why we have shown you some amazing facts above which will further help you to perform your Umrah comfortably.

You can share your experience with us on performing the Umrah for the first time, comment below and let us know about your journey.

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