Best Bali Street Markets For Eats and Treats

Gianyar night market

6 Best Bali Markets To Shop And Eat

The blues and greens. Yes, that’s what comes to my mind when I think of Bali.

Beach in Bali

Extensive beaches, natural water bodies, exotic animals, lush green nature, luxurious stays, and many more are there to explore in Bali. Apart from its natural attractions, Bali is also known for its courteous people and magnificent culture. The majestic architecture situated in the jaw-dropping nature’s background showcases Balinese beliefs and practices. These cultural influences can also be seen in the daily practices of the Bali people. The shopping collections and cuisines also imbibe these cultural traits. If you are visiting Bali, then this blog would help you in deciding where to shop and eat for some Balinese aesthetic taste.

Kuta Art Market

Best Markets in Bali

User: (WT-shared) Shoestring at wts wikivoyage [CC BY-SA 1.0Kuta art market is quite a buzz among the people for its local arts and handicrafts. It is located near the Kuta beach that makes this place quite accessible for the tourists. This market has six leading shop houses and long building with many different stalls. Some of the top souvenirs pick among the travellers are Bali T-shirts, wooden and stone crafted arts, fascinating textiles and many more. The shopkeepers are quite humble, and you can do some bargaining here. You can explore some munchies at the food stalls around the marketplace. This marketplace is open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Garlic Lane Street Market

You must have heard of streets named after monuments, shrines, leaders and freedom fighters. But have you heard of a street named after a restaurant? In Legian, bit off from the main road is Garlic Lane Restaurant and Bar where you can relish on Indonesian cuisines as well as world cuisines. The restaurant also has fun events on Wednesday and Saturday nights that makes the place more enchanting. It opens from 7.00 am -11.00 pm and would cost approximately IDR 300 for two

Ubud Street Market

Ubud Street Market Bali

F-GSPY [CC BY 3.0 (]Ubud being a landscape destination, is often flocked by tourists. Apart from experiencing nature’s tranquillity, travellers also wish to carry away tangible memories. Ubud street market can be the place where you can purchase some interesting souvenirs. Travellers mostly pick handmade arts and crafts, rattan bags, paintings, T-shirts, etc. Have you heard about Kopi Luwak coffee? Tasted it? Not yet? Then Ubud is the best place to sip the world-famous kopi luwak coffee. In Ubud, Luwak coffee beans are made from scratch where civet digests and ferments the seeds, which is then processed further. You can visit OKA agriculture near Ubud, whereby you can watch the process of coffee making and tastes the varieties of it as well. You can also purchase Luwak coffee beans packets which are available in the Ubud market. You can enjoy the best of coffee flavours back at your home and also share it with your friends and family.

Gianyar Night Market

Gianyar night market

Flickr: by Isabel SommerfeldWant to explore the night street life of Bali, then Gianyar night market can be your next spot to stop. You can try the traditional Babi guling, bakso here that will give you an everlasting taste to remember. Another quite famous dish to devour on is a spicy Nasi Jinggo which is a tasty combination of rice with shredded chicken. There are numerous options available here which you can try on. This market opens in the evening and keeps bustling till midnight.

Seminyak Market

Seminyak is travellers first choice to enjoy the cosmopolitan side of Bali. Lying on the south side of Bali, Seminyak offers fantastic beach clubs to enjoy the views of sunsets and also the club life. Few of the recommended are Potato Head Beach Club, Cocoon Beach Club and Ku De Ta. For shopping, you can head to Seminyak Square, which also has food options. The flea market here also offers some tremendous handmade kinds of stuff that you can collect as a souvenir.

Taman Sari Market

It is one of the local markets of Bali located few meters away from Petitenget hub of Seminyak. This place is famous for some fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices.  It is a respite for those travellers who are staying at nearby BnB so that they can easily fetch their required groceries from here. By evening you can also see food stalls coming up offering some bakso, satays and other delicious food items. This place is also near to the stays and villas so travellers can easily access this place. The market is open from 5.00 am to midnight.

Bali Food Markets

Be it a traveller or an explorer, Bali could be your next holiday destination. It offers a broad spectrum of choice, be it nature, adventure, beach clubs, shopping streets, cuisines that any visitor would love to experience it. Bali undoubtedly is travellers paradise for its candid landscapes, but its local culture, cuisine and collections also make it a desirable destination.


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