8 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Travel Workouts

Travel Workout Tips

Don’t Make These Common Travel Workouts Mistakes

Travel Workout Tips

Traveling is necessary whether for business or leisure; however, for those that have a set routine to follow in their daily lives, traveling can be a little troublesome. This is especially true for those that work out daily. Although there are ways to still work out while traveling, like body weight exercise, there may be some things that one is unknowingly doing wrong. What exactly must one do to execute workouts properly and efficiently while on the road? Here are eight things you’re doing wrong with your travel workouts and how to rectify them.

Consistency Is Key for Fitness

Before we list down the things that are being done wrong, one should remember that to successfully achieve fitness consistency is key. However, do not fret if you miss a few days off of the regular routine as this won’t necessarily set back your progress. Work out only when you can fit it in your schedule while traveling, which would lead us to our first strike in things you shouldn’t be doing with your travel workouts.

Forcing a workout into your itinerary
There is a reason for your travels, whether it may be for business or leisure; however, if you feel the need to work out, try to include it only when you have the time. If only five minutes of your day are free, then insert a few good stretches and quick cardios, but don’t ever force a full workout routine into your schedule. There are tons of great body weight exercises to follow while traveling that can easily be squeezed into your itinerary

Breaking the “Hey, I’m traveling!” mind-set about working out while on the road.
Because you’re traveling, there may be times you would think it’s OK to skip out on your diets and workouts. Don’t fret! It’s always a good idea to rest your body once in a while and for a few days, but don’t use the excuse of traveling to not do your own workouts when possible.

Forget about diets or healthy eating.
Don’t forget about your diet while on the road. One great way to not feel like you’ve broken your healthy eating streak is by adjusting them on the go. If you’ve eaten a big breakfast, then skip lunch and eat a healthy dinner. Fasting or intermittent fasting—the act of fasting for sixteen to twenty-four hours a day—can be a great practice for your body.

Do not overdo your workouts.
Since you are traveling, don’t overdo your workouts. It is better to time them accordingly and not overtrain while on the go. One great way to keep yourself in check is by using elastic sports tape, which targets overused muscles and helps get the pressure off them should the muscles get overexerted. Remember that your initial purpose for traveling isn’t for working out, so having extra energy during the day to do what is necessary is a better choice.

Don’t forget to plan effective workouts.
This goes hand in hand with point 6, for as long as you plan your workouts accordingly, you shouldn’t have a hard time doing travel workouts at all. Use an app or have set exercises that you can follow daily before you travel and stick to them.

Make walking your primary means of getting around.
When traveling, the best means of transportation is through the use of your own two feet. Walking around is the best way to get in a short workout session while traveling. Prior research about the area can help you get around much easier, and walking also helps you appreciate the sights and sounds of the place you are visiting.

Be geared up at all times.
Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you should skimp on having the essentials. For extreme outdoor activities gears, there is a wide array of items great for fitness junkies who love to travel—with convertible mittens to their warm reflective beanies, you are sure to be ready for anything.

Don’t forget to have fun!
Since you’re traveling anyway, don’t forget to have fun! Do activities and classes that are available around the area to squeeze some extra training in. Notable places that one should remember when traveling are the following: taking tango lessons in Argentina, doing capoeira training in Brazil, learning Muay Thai training in Thailand, and making sure to hike anywhere and everywhere.


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