Best Tips For Motorcycle Riding in Wet Weather

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Cycle in the Rain Tips

How To Ride in Wet Weather

If you’ve put a few miles on your two wheels, you probably take pride in your motorcycle riding skills. You no doubt have a good handle on acceleration and braking, bike maintenance, and the importance of OEM bike parts for repairs. The finer skills of riding such as lane positioning and loading your gear in an advantageous manner are likewise not lost on you. Still, there are always new challenges to conquer and riding in wet weather is a skill that every rider should learn to master.

Cycle in the Rain Tips

Like anything else, experience is a good teacher, though avoiding wet weather is one of the safest routes to take. Still, life is for doing and staying home all of the time is not an option. Therefore a few helpful tips can ramp up your safety level the next time you find yourself riding in the rain.

Top Tips for Riding in the Rain

As with a lot in life, common sense will take you a long way. The following safety tips for biking in wet weather just make sense.

  • Wear the best motorcycle goggles you can
  • Steer clear of puddles
  • Stay relaxed and ride smarter
  • Give yourself a little extra space
  • Watch out for oil slicks
  • Increase your visibility to others with bright clothing

The keys, then, are to maintain your upright position, make sure you can see well and make sure others see you.

Since goggles tend to fog less than face shields, a good pair along with a sport helmet works well for many riders. Goggles come in all shapes and sizes, with choices for straps, colors, styles and lenses. They can protect from road debris as well and can be effective for all styles of riding. It’s not an extravagance to have several pairs of sunglasses and goggles as different models perform better in different conditions.

Aside from googles, the gear you wear can make a difference for your comfort level in the rain. Items such as Gore-Tex socks and a rain suit increase enjoyment and comfort. The right helmet for the rain can also pay dividends by providing better sight lines for you.

Top Equipment for Upgrades

No matter what you ride, OEM motorcycle fairings provide a great opportunity to better your machine. Old, damaged, worn out parts detract from the performance of your vehicle and can even pose a danger, especially in sketchy weather. When you shop by brand, it’s easy to match the best replacement parts for your needs.

With fairings, you reduce air drag, change the look of your bike and add a higher level of protection on your ride. They can even cut down on moisture splattering over your bike and body. Fairings made for Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and other brands make your bike more aerodynamic and keep you calm in the cockpit. Select from small fairings that just enclose the headlight, to a greater enclosure that looks like something out of the future.

Quality Parts for All Riders

Get the best with OEM bike parts. Improve the look and function of your machine with parts designed for it, and maintain the integrity of the original plan.

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