Top Retreats and Holidays That Will Change Your Life

Spa Therapy Retreat

Most people love to travel, experience new things and enrich their lives.  No matter what your reasons for wanting to get out and see the world, it’s simply the best way to open your mind to new experiences, new cultures, and new ways of thinking.  Perhaps it’s time to travel with the purpose of learning a new skill, improving your health or learning a new skill.  Here are some exciting opportunities about retreats and holidays that will enrich your life while immersing you in an exciting environment.

Spa Therapy Retreat

Become a Travel Blogger

It used to be impossible to make a living from travel writing unless you had the right connections and the right training. The internet has changed all of that. The rise of travel blogging has taken the digital landscape by storm, and more people than ever are swapping the office for the airport and making a journal of their travel experiences. It’s not easy to earn a living from travel, but a unique perspective and some quality writing can take you a lot further in the world than ever before. Learn some basic SEO techniques and start joining discussions on travel blog community sites, and you could be funding your adventures with nothing more than your unique perspective and an internet connection.

Take Up Travel Photography

Similar to travel bloggers, travel photographers find their content from anywhere that they land. You’ll need some basic photography skills and some proper equipment, but the thrill of capturing the best photo on a new continent can make all of that expense and practice worthwhile. The trick here is to build yourself a good online portfolio and establish a social audience. The bigger your follower numbers, the more likely that you will be able to get small publications to publish your photography. This can lead to bigger and more respectable publications, and that could turn into big money that can fund your travel experiences.

Renew Your Health and Spirit At A Fitness Retreat

There are plenty of variations on the idea of the modern-day retreat. One of the most popular in 2019 is the idea of the wellness retreat. With locations all around the world and enlisting the help of Ultimate Fitness Holiday, you get to enjoy the sights of some of the stunning locations on the planet, all while working on your physical and mental health. It can be hard to focus on your wellness when you’re trapped in a cycle of work and home, which is why having a dedicated vacation that allows you to make improvements to your mindset and physical activities is proving one of the biggest travel trends of the year. If you’re looking for an excuse to get out into the world, what better way than to turn it into a vacation designed specifically to tackle your health and wellness needs?

Take A Volunteer Vacation and Help Others

Sometimes when we center our thoughts on helping others rather than our own comforts, we surprisingly have the most enriching experiences.  There are many companies that organize volunteer holidays to needy cultures or to locations that have been affected by severe weather events.  Whether you picture yourself building homes with Habitat for Humanity, helping a Caribbean island recover from a hurricane, or maintaining an AMC hiking trail, taking vacation time to help others can be a life affirming experience.   Companies like International Volunteer HQ have volunteer opportunities across the globe.

Stepping away from the dull routine of everyday life can be a big step, but one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life. Make sure that you aren’t limiting yourself when it comes to realizing your travel dreams. Start thinking out of the box and you could be immersing yourself in new cultures and new ways of thinking before you know it.

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