Fun Things To Do in Adelaide Australia

Adelaide Australia

Top Things To See and Do in Adelaide Australia

Introduction to Adelaide

Once a pokey town on Australia’s southern coast, Adelaide has now transformed into a multicultural metropolitan city. It was established as a planned colony of free immigrants in the early 1800’s. Adelaide is also known as the “City of Churches” because of the practice of diversity of faiths and the presence of hundreds of churches and spires. The city has a lot to offer not only to its residents but also to tourists from across the world. The fifth-largest city of Australia is endowed with a rich heritage, natural bounties, variety of flora & fauna, vineyards, and eco-adventure avenues.   Adelaide has many fun things to do for everyone who visits.

Adelaide Australia

The city hosts some of the most action-packed events programed throughout the year.  Adelaide is also a modern city which is reflected in its culture, people, food, and belief system. You can see wonderful urban arts, street eateries, and enviable nightlife. Tradition here is blended with modernity. Modern Adelaide humbly recognizes and rejoices its heritage and the Kaurna people.

People have a highly diversified backgrounds. In true sense, Adelaide is a city where you can witness – “Unity in Diversity”.

Fun Things to Do in Adelaide

The bubbling city of Adelaide offers amazing experiences for visitors.  To facilitate you finalizing your dream experience in Adelaide, we’ve come up with a chosen list of fun To-Do activities that would simply blow your mind.

Visit Adelaide’s Central Market

One of the biggest undercover markets in the southern hemisphere, the Adelaide Central Market remains lively with fresh produce throughout the year. Located in the heart of the city, the market hosts more than 70 traders from over 40 nationalities under the one roof. Locals and visitors flock this market every day for their supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, cheese, coffee, spices, etc.  It is a treat for the eye and senses.

Established in 1869, the Adelaide Central Market is Australia’s oldest food retail market, still operating in its original location. With its 150 years of tradition and scale of operation (one million kilograms of fruit and vegetables is being sold every month), it attracts the attention of tourists visiting Adelaide. When in Adelaide, make sure to spend at least half-a-day at the Market to experience its essence and witness wideness of whooping variety of produce. The best way to do this is to visit it through a guided tour run by the local operators.

Unleash Your Wilderness at the Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo offers a great escape for animal lovers and families with kids. Located in the Parklands north of the City Centre, the zoo houses many of the rarest creatures of Australia and the world. The zoo is home to Australia’s only giant (and very cute) pandas – Funi and Wang Wang. No wonder children love to spend an entire day in this curated animal kingdom. The zoo offers “night packages” and “guided tours” that facilitate your visit and getting the best experience out of the animal kingdom.

During your visit, don’t forget to take a selfie with the pandas, hand-feed the Sumatran tigers, listen to the roaring African lions or swimming hippos in the swamp.

BBQ Buoys: Barbeque and Boat

Imagine yourself with your friends floating on donut-shaped boats; sipping wine and lip-smacking barbecued food on the River Torrens. Yes, you can have this wonderful experience when you visit Adelaide next time. Buoying along the edge of the River Torrens is in itself a great experience.

In your next visit, plan your time to witness this unique experience of boating and barbequing in unison. If you are in a group then don’t even think twice to book a boat. BBQ Buoys are a great escape for party-animals. BBQ Buoys are designed to provide party-pleasure not only to groups but also for couples.

If you are with your spouse then you have nothing to lose. Just book a vessel and experience boating and barbequing with your beloved. Next time you are in Adelaide You can enjoy this unique experience of “chill and grill” with your date, mates or your mistress.

Swim with ‘the Ferraris of the Ocean’ 

Adelaide tourism added a new exciting “experience” for tourists that you won’t find elsewhere – “swim with the tuna”. Since August 2017, this distinctive marine facility enables you to swim with Southern Bluefin tuna also christened the ‘the Ferraris of the ocean’.  You can experience this marine–delight from a unique custom designed in-sea aquarium.

Art Gallery of South Australia

This art museum is one of Adelaide’s foremost cultural attractions. It houses some of the rarest collections of Australian and Aboriginal art. Guided tours are available to visitors which are free for three hours between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Cheers Up in the Barossa Valley

If you think of yourself as a “connoisseur of wines”, then you must pay a visit to vineyards located surrounding the city of Adelaide.  You can also align your tour dates with the biannual Barossa Vintage Festival. Witness this longest-running wine festival of Australia…taste and cheer the long-range of local beer and wines!!!

Astonish Yourself with Adelaide’s Oval Stadium

Are you a fan of “the gentlemen’s game” – cricket? Chances are then that you may start your Adelaide tour from the Oval Cricket Stadium located between the city center and North Adelaide. Other than cricket, the sports complex also hosts many other sporting events as well.


Adelaide is undoubtedly a great place to visit as it offers all kinds of escapes for individuals, families, and travel buddies. You can experience the illustrative aboriginal culture watchfully blended with the modern age amenities and avenues of pleasure. Just plan your visit to Adelaide and try to visit as many places as possible. Make your dream visit a reality today. Who knows….you may miss some of these things in the future.

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