Incentive Travel Is On The Rise and Here’s Why

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4 Important Reasons Why Incentive Travel Programs Work

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Incentive travel programs have been a part of employee motivational schemes since the 1970s. However, over the course of the past 10 years, these programs have witnessed tremendous popularity. Employers across the globe are increasingly realizing that employees are more incentivized and encouraged by  experiential rewards. In fact, employees feel more appreciated and trusted when rewarded with travel incentives, thereby resulting in greater productivity and loyalty from their side. Moreover, reports suggested that today’s employees are more attracted to value experiences instead of material possessions.

Below we have highlighted some important reasons why you should consider incentive travel programs:

Increased Loyalty 

Employees who are rewarded with incentive travel are likely to generate more loyalty towards their employers. This is because the workers feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work, which, in turn, enables them to be more motivated and engaged. The travel incentive is an excellent investment that will ensure increased productivity, leading to better sales and profitability. Moreover, it also ensures employee retention that means your best staff stays with you for a longer duration.

Accomplish Business Objectives 

Travel incentive programs allow employees to be more focused, hence motivating them to consider what they need to do in order to obtain the next reward. With personalized travel incentive programs as rewards, employees become more engaged and consistent with their work. This will help you gain more sales and achieve your target as well in a more efficient and effective manner.

Basically, travel incentive programs provide employees with a break that they need to relax and unwind. Such programs allow your employees to be mentally and physically healthier.  The gift of travel enables an employee to indulge in an expenditure they may have never purchased for themselves.

It is an Attractive Motivational Scheme 

Travel holidays are one of the highly desired rewards that attract every employee. Irrespective of how engaging a workplace is, employees always look forward to holidays. In fact, travel tops the list of most desired rewards, even surpassing the cash bonus. While cash is usually spent in no time, travel offers an opportunity to relax and make memories that last for years. Moreover, some employees cannot afford to travel to an exotic location; therefore, an incentive travel trip is something that they will want to achieve.

Money Cannot Buy Experience 

Travel incentive provides employees with an opportunity to have a memorable experience. Therefore, they are more likely to make efforts towards achieving the company’s target. Such rewards will ensure that they continue to work productively in order to enjoy such gains in the future as well. Furthermore, it is an excellent internal PR tool, as when one employee is rewarded with incentivized travel trip, it will motivate others as well to achieve their targets.

Here are the top five unbeatable destinations for the most inspirational incentive travel spots:

  • Africa
  • Morocco
  • Central Europe – Hungary and Slovenia
  • Ireland
  • The United States of America

The Bottom Line

Above are some prominent benefits associated with incentive travel program. Companies often avoid such program due to the investment that they have to put it; however, a well-thought-out travel incentive program can enable your company to enjoy many benefits including better productivity, increased sales, positive employee engagement, employee retention etc. With the kind of prolific benefits that these programs render, travel incentive programs are worth the initial investment.



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