Sail Into Paradise at One of the World’s Top Yachting Destinations

World's Top Yacht Charter Destinations

The World’s Top Yachting Destinations For Magical Vacations Afloat

World's Top Yacht Charter Destinations

Taking a yachting vacation is perhaps the world’s most exciting luxury indulgence.  Whether you picture yourself luxuriating on a sleek Jackie’O style mega yacht, roaming among islands on a gleaming catamaran, or racing through the waves on a performance sailing yacht, the world of luxury yachting is an experience that should not to be missed.  There are yachts, crews and destinations to meet every budget and every adventurer’s dreams.  Have a look at some of the world’s top yachting destinations and you’ll definitely add this experience to your bucket list.

#1  Greece

Greece Yacht Charters

Sailors have been drawn to the Greek Isles since the days when locals worshiped Poseidon, God of the Sea, and with good reason.  With over 6,000 islands scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas, it doesn’t matter much which way the wind blows, there are enchanting islands, harbors, and moorings waiting to be explored.  Known as the cradle of western civilization, you will find that life by the sea in Greece is filled with ancient influences and rich traditions.  When you arrange a yacht charter in Greece, you’ll visit quaint fishing villages, secret coves and beaches reached only by boat, and indulge in world renown Greek cuisine.  Like sailors of centuries past, you will fall in love with the excitement of yachting in Greece.

#2 The South of France

Monaco Yacht Charters

Perhaps the most desired yachting destination in the world is in the rarified waters of the South of France.  If you have aspirations to sail with the world’s privileged elite, there is no better place to charter a yacht than in the ports of Nice, Monaco, Cannes and St. Tropez.  Yes, the waters are delightful, but the destination harbors are the ultimate place to see and be seen.

#3  Croatia

Croatia Yachting

While this destination may be new to you, boaters in the know have been charting their courses here since the Venetians ruled the Mediterranean waters.  Yachting along the coast of Croatia is becoming increasingly popular and the affordability of this region is a bonus.  One of the main draws to this destination is the 1,267 islands along the Dalmatian cost.  Beautiful coastal ports rich in ancient history and historic architecture make this destination both thrilling and an enriching experience.

#4  British Virgin Islands

BVI Yacht Charters

This tiny island nation is dotted with yachts traveling from one lovely Caribbean island to another.  Your home base will likely be the lively island of Tortola where yacht charters are popular and abundant.  This is a destination for leisurely sailing from one lovely island to the next, with your next island destination in view.  Stop by the famous Baths at Virgin Gorda, explore sea caves where pirate treasure was found, or sail up to a famous watering hole like Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke and give a waive to Sir Richard Branson as you sail past his Necker Island resort.  Sailing here is so pleasant, you may never want to leave.

#5  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and Gradadines Yachting

This nation of islands is set in glistening azure southern Caribbean waters running north of Trinidad and south of St. Lucia.  This has been a popular destination for yachting enthusiasts for many years.  Celebrities, movie stars and musicians have made their homes in these islands and kept it quiet hoping mainstream tourism wouldn’t find them.  Exotic sounding islands like Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Carriacou and the Tobago Cays are just some of the enticing island anchorages.  Yachts from across the Caribbean head to this area to sail carefree during winter and hurricane prone months, as they are below the hurricane belt.  So join the jet set and sail the pristine uncrowded islands of St. Vincent and Grenadines.

#6 Whitsundays Australia

Whitsunday Islands Australia

No list of great yachting destinations would be complete without a mention of the beautiful east coast of Australia.  Boats of every size and description stretch for thousands of miles along the coastline from New South Wales and Sydney in the south, to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef in the north.  About halfway inbetween is perhaps of the most gorgeous cruising ground in the world.  The 74 Whitsunday Islands are famous for their hauntingly beautiful swirling landscapes of brilliant aqua waters mingling with pure white sand.  With the funky town of Airlie Beach being the launching ground for many yachting adventures, the brilliant Great Barrier Reef and dozens of uninhabited islands are just waiting to be explored.


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