7 Breathtaking Things To Do in La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja Spain Things To Do

7 La Rioja, Spain Breathtaking Things to Do

La Rioja Spain Things To Do

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One of Europe’s most beautiful hidden gems to visit is La Rioja, Spain. This region in northern Spain is well-known for their local wine industry where mountains and vineyards surround the area.  Located not far from Bilboa, this region is filled with magnificent views and natural wonders.  Here a 7 things to do in La Rioja that will definitely make you want to stay longer to explore all its attractions.

Vineyard Trips

La Rioja boasts numerous vineyards, because of this, they are called “Spain’s wine country”.  When you can visit, you’ll be amazed by how many different flavors of wine they have to offer, and believe or not, each wine has a distinct taste that will make you go crazy on choosing which is best among the rest.

La Rioja is surrounded by large vineyards such as Bodegas Muga, Bodegas Marques de Riscal, Dinastia Vivanco, Bodegas Baigorri, and the list goes on. It’s for you to check out barrels of wines and experience the best tasting wines in the world.

Unique Architectural Designs

Everywhere you look, you will be able to see magnificent architectural designs.  We all know that the culture of Spain is based on different historical influences including the Iberian and pre-Roman Celtic culture, displaying Renaissance Architecture, Spanish Baroque, and Herrerian styles are all to be found here. And up to this day, many architectural designs still stand in the La Rioja area of Spain.

Just looking at their breathtaking architectural wonders will make you marvel at how talented and creative their historic culture is.

Birds of Prey Experience

Tierra Rapaz Experience

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One place you may want to visit is Tierra Rapaz where you can experience feeding an up-close and personal encounter with large birds of prey such as owls. You can have the chance to be with these magnificent birds with the closer supervision of bird professionals not only for you but for the whole family as well.

The Batalla Del Vino (Wine Battle)

Wine Battle Rioja Spain

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A crazy battle of wine soaking where people get wet with cheap wines that are thrown at all directions. Everyone wears white and you can choose to bring a water cannon, a water gun, or just simply splash your wine to anyone around you while singing and dancing together with a huge crowd.

This event in La Rioja happens only once a year, and that is exactly every 29th of June which will start at the 7 am striking of the clock, where everyone goes down and dirty. If you want to experience this event, mark your calendar and let your virtual personal assistant know your plan on traveling to Spain to arrange all your travel needs.

Enciso Dinosaur Tracks

If you still don’t believe that dinosaurs did exist on the face of the earth, you will! Go to the Paleontology Center in Enciso and you will absolutely track down dinosaur footprints that roamed the place millions of years ago. Be the dinosaur hunter you’ve always wanted to be, gain knowledge and wisdom on how these amazing creatures lived on this planet. Once you’re there, life-size dinosaurs can be found for the perfect Instagram-worthy picture.

 Visit the Medieval Days of La Rioja

Medieval Church Rioja Spain

Wikimedia Commons by Angela Llop from Spain

Logrono, a perfectly preserved town very rich in cultural performances would make you go back in time. Festivals are always held by wonderful locals that will astoundingly make your visit the most memorable of all. Bustling with history and Baroque architecture, the area is a wonderful place to be romantically inclined with your special someone. Perfect for honeymoon getaways and bucket list trips.

Museums and Ancient Ruins

La Rioja Museum

There is a number of museums and ancient ruins that can be found and visit in La Rioja, Spain that should be added to your visit itinerary. You will be able to see the old Roman country villa of Las Musas in Navarra. The place has the ruins of  very old water capture and distribution system that tells us how intelligent people in Spain to have built such an ingenious water system.

These are just some of the best things to do and visit when visiting La Rioja, Spain. The adventures, sights, and history are endless. History tells us not just by the books but by sight on how simple but outstanding La Rioja, Spain was back in the old days. As a person living in the world of technology, computers, AI, and gadgets, traveling and visiting a place like La Rioja teaches us how different and beautiful it is to be living in a simple town, a simple but surely remarkable place to visit as soon as possible.

About The Author:  Karstine Mae Sanchez is a content marketer at OkayRelax. She loves writing content on business and work-management, food and nutrition, healthy lifestyle and travel. When she is not busy, you can find her at the beach, exploring different islands, seeing beautiful waves and walking in the sand.


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