Best Places To Take Wow Pictures in Melbourne Australia

Luna Park Melbourne Austalia

Best Places to Take Impressive Travel Photos in Melbourne

Luna Park Melbourne Austalia

Melbourne isn’t just one of Australia’s most populated cities – it’s one of the best places in the world for taking pictures. Certain landmarks around the city provide especially good photo opportunities that will allow you to capture memorable images with your camera or phone. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities while walking around—and you definitely should. Like most populated cities, Melbourne is packed with cars, so give your legs some exercise. Here are five of the best places to take photos in Melbourne.

Flinders Street Station

Wikimedia Commons

The building itself that houses the train station is an architectural masterpiece that’s reminiscent of a classic European design. Located at the intersection of Flinders Street and St. Kilda Road, images of the Flinders Street Station are best captured by a camera with a wide-angle lens. You can also try adjusting the shutter speed on your camera to create photo effects with the passing traffic that will look especially good in your pictures. Its bright yellow façade becomes an eye-catching gold at night, so make sure your camera takes in enough light to capture the stunning contrasts if you snap a pic at night.

Princes Bridge

Wikimedia Commons by: Diliff

Standing on this bridge at night will allow you to take stunning pictures of the illuminated city buildings. Using a tripod to place your camera on will enable you to get better angles of the city buildings and river below the bridge. Accessing this bridge is easy when you venture along St. Kilda Road a short distance from Flinders Street Station. During the day, you may see ferries carrying tourists passing up and down the river. Beyond just being a spot to take photos from, the bridge itself is also a gorgeous photo op: some of its most eye-catching elements include cast iron spandrels with royal and country coats of arms, as well as massive half-columns crowned with lamp standards.

Degraves Street

Degraves Street Melbourne

Wikimedia Commons by : Ruperthetherton

For a funkier side of Melbourne, head down this street to find eclectic shops and colorful graffiti artworks on the outside walls. Taking pictures here in Degraves Street will give you some of the most unique shots that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family. Be warned—it is a jam-packed tourist location, so watch out for pickpockets even as you enjoy the local art and buy souvenirs. Buy a waffle, and maybe some handmade jewelry or artisan wine or coffee. You’ll find many quirky shops and boutiques along its hundred-meter length, so this is a perfect place for souvenir shopping.

Brighton Beach Boxes

Brighton Beach Boxes Melbourne


Along Brighton Beach’s esplanade between Wellington and Dendy streets are wooden bathing boxes that have been painted to feature unique, photo worthy designs that are popping with color. Some of the most popular depict the Australian flag, kangaroos, and even cars. Many more have simple patterns and combinations of fun colors. From the right angles, you can capture images of the beach boxes along with the sand and ocean. The best natural lighting at this location occurs during sunrise and sunset, but the fun designs of the boxes will make them a perfect photo op regardless of when you go—just be ready to stand in line for some of them, as many tourists go out of their way to snap photos here. While you’re waiting for the crowds to die down, feel free to take a dip in the ocean, making sure to stay between the bright yellow and red flags.

The Ceiling of the National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of VIctoria Melbourne

Wikimedia Commons by: I, Sailko

The stunning, geometric stained-glass ceiling inside the museum was designed by acclaimed Australian architect Leonard French to resemble what you’d see in a cathedral. The colorful sections with light shining through them will give your photos an ethereal glow. This is one of the many places you visit for photo-souvenirs where after you snap, you may want to put your camera or phone aside to just bask in the stunning colored lights.

Finding the right spots to take pictures in Melbourne is easy thanks to the city’s many iconic landmarks. And don’t let this article make you think you need an expensive camera. While a high-quality device will help you capture the vivid color details on many of these sites, sometimes all a photo has to do is remind you of an experience. A simple smartphone can do the trick of saving this trip forever, and there are plenty of places to get phone repairs if you buy a cheap one for the trip that breaks. No matter what you use to take your photos, each image that you capture can tell stories that you’ll be happy to share with others. So get ready for the beauty and style of this bustling Australian city, and be prepared to bring lots of memories home!

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