Easy Ways To Protect Your Teeth From Red Wine Stains While Traveling

Red Wine and Cheese

How To Protect Your Teeth From Red Wine Stains

Red Wine and Cheese

Keeping your teeth white when drinking red wines can be challenging, particularly if you are sipping on a number of glasses throughout the course of your holiday.  However, with a few simple changes, you can protect your teeth from telltale stains from food or wine without opting for any harsh chemicals or teeth whitening kits.  Here are our easy tips for keeping your teeth free of wine stains while you’re on vacation.

Drink Water In-Between Glasses 

By drinking some water between your glasses of wine, you are not only pacing yourself,  you are also ensuring that the wine does not have chance to adhere to your teeth as the water will carry the stains away. Whether you choose still-water or sparkling water, this can aid in defeating the red wine hangover whilst ensuring that you are not staining your teeth throughout the course of the day. Though there are affordable dentist London services for teeth whitening and general check-ups, it is beneficial to try these tips and tricks first to get the best possible results.

You Can Wipe Away Stains 

With the invention of travel packs of wine wipes, the risk of stained teeth from red wine is no more! Not only do they come in a small pack that fits in your handbag, but they can also be wiped over the tooth to lift stains and keep your teeth as white as possible throughout the course of the meal. Whether you decide to purchase these little wipes or you opt for cocktail napkin, simply brushing it across your teeth should be enough to reduce residue and eliminate staining, making this the perfect little trick for you when you are next out for dinner with friends.

Cheese Can Prevent Wine Stains 

Not only do cheese and wine go amazingly together, but they are also the winning combination to prevent stains from the red wine. Whilst eating cheese, the teeth are then covered in calcium, this acts as a barrier to prevent the teeth from staining as well as tastes great and helps to lift the flavour of the wine. Whether you are looking to eat a cheese board between friends or have cooked up camembert for a cosy night in, this will help to prevent stains from forming on your teeth whilst providing you with a snack.

Drink It With A Straw 

The final way to prevent stains on the teeth is to drink wine through a straw. Though this may seem strange at first, you could consider ordering a sangria type wine drink and sipping it through a straw would be perfectly appropriate.  This ensures that the liquid is only hitting the back of your mouth, and any stains are only on the back of the teeth rather than the front few teeth. Though it can still lead to the teeth becoming damaged over time, this will help to prolong the damage and maintain healthy teeth and gums for significantly longer. By using a metal straw, you can simply clean and reuse it multiple times to reduce the environmental impact and keep your teeth healthy.

Whether you are opting to drink wine at home, or you are sipping on wine on the beach, you can be sure to reduce the damage inflicted on your teeth by following these few simple steps. Which will you be choosing first?


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