Top Mind Blowing Sites in New Zealand That You Won’t Want to Miss

Milford Sound New Zealand

Most Beloved Sites in New Zealand You Should Visit at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Vacations are essential and refreshing – it is good to have some time for yourself. Think for yourself: what is the use of earning if you cannot spend it on things that enrich your life, on a better lifestyle and above all on yourself. Vacations are known to be good for health as you will be living outside your daily stresses and exploring new and interesting horizons.  A place where you can experience dramatic scenic wonders, wine-tasting, glaciers, and abundant nature, is in the remarkable country of New Zealand. New Zealanders, aka Kiwis, are friendly and down-to-earth people – you will feel welcomed to their country. There is magic in New Zealand’s air – a charisma which pulls you towards this small country time and time again. Here are top sites in New Zealand that you won’t want to miss.

It’s no surprise that the fantastical world of The Lord Of The Rings was fashioned here, as in all honesty, it is hard to believe that this land is an actual place on the planet. New Zealand offers a vast variety of scenic options and tourist spots for you to experience. Hiking in New Zealand is a perfect way to connect yourself with nature and enjoy the beauty of mountains wrapped in ice and snow. Our travellers have hand-picked these seven best tourist spots in New Zealand that should be included in your visit.

Top Sites on the North Island

The Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands New Zealand

Wikimedia Commons by: Fuadounet

The beauty present in this part of the country is absolutely fantastical – Bay of Islands is one of the most beautiful areas in New Zealand.  A 3 hour drive north from the city of Auckland; the coastal area consists of over 140 sub-tropical islands. Famous for its crude beaches, fishing competitions, wonderful boating and a tribute to Maori culture; the Bay of Islands is simply magnificent.


Rotorua New Zealand

Labeled by some as the Sulphur City, the place gives off a unique smell that is pungent due to underground volcanic activity.  Smelling particularly like rotten eggs, you will, nonetheless, get accustomed to the smell, as this city is filled with fascinating geologic activity. The location is famous for its geothermal springs and the Pohutu Geyser at Whakarewarewa. You can walk past bubbling pools of mud, take a refreshing dive in Rotorua’s prominent hot gates and mud-baths, and witness the geothermal power plant that provides electricity to the island.  Rotorua has numerous gorgeous lagoons for swimming, (not to be confused with the waters that are too hot to enter) and Many great areas for hiking, Other activities include jet boating, bungy jumping and a visit to the nearby Waitomo glow worm caves.  No visit to Rotorua would be complete without a visit to the historic Maori village to learn about the native Maori culture and traditions.  All this makes Rotorua a terrific tourist center.

Coromandel Peninsula

Bay of Islands Cave, New Zealand

No matter where you visit in New Zealand, every place is vacation-worthy and picturesque. Coromandel in north-eastern Peninsula is world-famous for its beaches which glisten with golden sand and sparkling blue water. You can center your journey with a small city Thames, which is perfect and centre of gold mines and go bathing at the hot springs at Hot Water Beach.  The Coromandel Peninsula is also known for its scenic hiking trails.

Tongariro National Park, North Island

Tongariro National Park New Zealand

New Zealand’s most expansive lake “Lake Taupo” is actually a huge lagoon formed from a volcanic caldera.  With a six hundred and sixteen square kilometres of area, it is the second-largest sweet-water lake in geopolitical Oceania after Lake Murray in Papua New Guinea. Tongariro National Park is a twin World Heritage Site because of its remarkable volcan structures and status in the Maori culture. There is history related to land, but with its extraordinary beauty and hot springs.  This is a must-visit place for the beauty of nearby Lake Taupo, fun boating activities, and some of the best rainbow trout fishing in the world.


Napier Vineyard New Zealand

Flickr by: itravelNZ

New Zealand has made its mark as a prime wine producer, and the Hawke’s Bay region of Napier is one of the major reasons.  Here you’ll find lovely vineyards and excellent wines to sample.  In addition to its acclaimed wines, Napier is also noted for fruit growing and is a major port for the country’s exports.  But the most noted attraction in Napier is its distinctive art deco architecture.  Following a destructive earthquake in 1931, the city was rebuilt in a fashionable art deco style that is treasured today.

Top Sites on the South Island


Queenstown Jet Boat

Are you an adventure enthusiast? Then Queenstown is your place. Every adventure activity you can imagine can be experienced in Queenstown.  The highest bungee jump in the country is nearby over the roaring Nevis River.  Jet Boating on the Shotover or Dart Rivers is a thrilling activity that should not be missed.  Both of these activities fall under the category of thrilling and extravagant adventures for which New Zealand is notoriously known for. Another activity you can find in Queenstown is skiing at the Remarkables Mountains that set a dramatic snow-capped backdrop to the city.  Skiers from all over the world come and participate in skiing competitions in Queenstown.   This is also one of the few places in the world where you may be able to ski on the glaciers in the morning and play golf at the very dramatic Queenstown golf course in the afternoon.  Not an adventurist? Queenstown is still your place to go: with crystal blue skies overhead, sparkling waters in the bay, and soaring mountains framing the city, the natural beauty surrounding you coupled with streets filled with aromatic food will deliver a perfect vacation setting.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound New Zealand

One of the most photographed destinations in New Zealand, Milford Sound owns a title for the Eighth Wonder of the world.  The place is a wonder and gift from Gods above – glaciers formed during the Ice Age-era. You can still make out its creation and history by looking at the structures of cliffs arising from fjords put the finishing touch to it by alps and waterfalls.  The beautiful sound surrounded by fiords was initially discovered and named by Captain Cook as he sailed between two rock formations that hid the entrance to the sound.  Today tour boats will take you to see the twin falls of Lady Bowen and Stirling Falls.  The view from the highway looking past Mitre Peak are simply stunning and one you will never forget.


Dunedin Rairway Station New Zealand

The city of Dunedin on the South Island’s eastern coast is alive with art and spirit as it is a university town with a Scottish heritage.  While the coastal scenery is dramatically beautiful, the local architecture is eye-catching as well.  Be sure to visit the iconic railway station that is embellished with elaborate Victorian gingerbread-style trim.  Larnach Castle (the only castle in NZ) was built as a Scottish residence and is open for tours of the home, and gardens in summer.  But perhaps Dunedin’s most treasured attraction is the Royal Albatross Center out on the very tip of the Otago Penninsula.  Here you’ll be able to witness the only albatross breeding ground in New Zealand and see the extremely adorable little blue penguins who live here as well.

Stewart Island

Stewart Island New Zealand

Flickr by: Tomas Sobek

The third-largest island in New Zealand, Stewart Island is found at the furthermost point of the south than South Island itself. Steward Island has been largely left in its raw state and Rakiura National Park provides you with an opportunity to witness New Zealand’s wild scenes. If you are an adventurous person, Stewart Island is perfect for you – all activities on the island are outdoors, hiking which will consume eighty percent of your vacation’s time and leave you breathless when reaching the top.  Steward Island is also one of the closest landmasses to Antarctica and many cruise ships stop here before cruising south to explore the Antarctic region.

In a Nutshell

Vacations have positive health impacts on people; vacationing twice a year proves to be beneficial to health, makes employees concentrate well on work and boost moods and physical attributes. New Zealand entertains more than 1.79 million people annually – making tourism New Zealand’s fourth-largest market and the biggest revenue generator. From extraordinary sceneries to beautiful lakes and hot springs, sweeping mountain ranges to glaciers; New Zealand is the best tourist spot for vacationing no matter which time of year you visit.

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